Your Weekly Horoscope for November 7–13, 2021: An Intense Week in the Sky!

November 7, 2021

Reactivation of the Saturn-Uranus Square:

The second week of November will be intense as the ongoing clash between Saturn and Uranus is activated by Saturn and Uranus. But don’t worry! Your weekly horoscope for November 7 has your covered!

As we continue to traverse the nether realms of Scorpio season, an intense week lies ahead. Our very familiar fixed sign bullfight continues, as many planets step into the center of the ring to trade blows.

November 10 will be a very memorable—but difficult—day, as there will be a surge of chaotic mental and physical activity. First off, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, will unite in a conjunction with Mars in Scorpio. This will increase the sharp nature of our thinking and communications, giving us a piercing intellect to move toward our goals.

However, the very nature of this energy could manifest as either an aggressive or defensive clash—perhaps pushing us toward conflicts if we are provoked or harassed. With these planets meeting it Scorpio, we will be playing for keeps and aimed to kill with our words—especially if we’ve been feeling emotional resentment.

To make matters more volatile, Mercury in Scorpio will shortly thereafter be brought under siege by a square from Saturn in Aquarius. Negative thinking and misunderstandings are guaranteed, and we will likely feel distance and separation in relationships.

As if racing into battle to defend Mercury’s thoughts, Mars in Scorpio will approach in a square to Saturn in Aquarius, too. Our emotional desires will push us to stand up and fight for what we want, yet Saturn’s weight will come crashing down to show we cannot get it. It would be best to table all important matters today and to spend time alone in solitude. Batten down the hatches!

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Uranus & Neptune Deliver Electricity & Inspiration:

Yet, like a fleet of angels being sent from above to heal and guide us, November 12 will provide a saving grace. The sun in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces. This will increase our sensitivity, compassion, and faith. We can help others or ourselves through a tender heart and kind word. Acts of service will aid our heavy minds. We can make a positive impact on communities and the world if we attempt to do so now. Creativity and spirituality will also be heightened.

To end the week, though, we step back into the ring, this time with Mercury in Scorpio receiving thunderbolts from an opposition with Uranus in Taurus. This will bring a scattered and tense energy to our day, as unexpected turmoil consumes our paths. We could feel rushed and chaotic.

Instead of charging forward impulsively, it would be best to let the storm pass and not make any important decisions. Focus on lying low and brainstorming unique, creative solutions rather than forcing things to be what they aren’t. Technology, computers, electronics, and transportation are also likely to break down or stop working altogether. Breathe through the tension. Remember: tensions in life are here to provide friction so we evolve and grow.

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Major Transits of the Week

11/10 — Mercury and Mars conjunct in Scorpio

11/10 — Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius

11/10 — Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius

11/12 — Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

11/13 — Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

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 your weekly horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope for November 7


Venus has begun a long-term trek through your solar tenth house of achievements, Aries. This is due to an approaching retrograde. While she is direct, you will be showered in success and glory.


Your planetary ruler, Venus, is encouraging you to pursue new horizons, Taurus. This is due to her long-term transit in your solar ninth house. You will experience great pleasure by pursuing academics, spirituality, media projects, or travel in the months ahead.


Intimacy will be sweet as sugar in the months ahead, Gemini. Peaceful Venus will visit your solar eighth house of trust and vulnerability for many months and you will begin to feel her blessings now.


Venus has begun a long-term transit through your solar seventh house of partnerships, Cancer. According to your weekly horoscope for November 7, this means that you’ll have a major focus on growing closer in union and love. Open up more deeply than ever before.


With Venus now gliding effortlessly through your solar sixth house of employment, you will see more harmony with coworkers and on the job, Leo. She will remain here until March of 2022!


True love will be presented before you now and in the months ahead, Virgo. Venus has just begun a long-term dance through your solar fifth house, ensuring that single Virgos will align with many suitable options and committed ones can find more pleasure with their partner.


Prepare for a magical, nostalgic season of sweet happenings with family at home, Libra. Your planetary ruler, Venus, has made her entrance to your solar fourth house for many months to come.

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According to your weekly horoscope for November 7, your words will have an enchanting effect upon anyone that you meet for months ahead, Scorpio. With Venus harbored in your solar third house of communications until March 2022, you’ll be even more creative than usual.


Greater income is likely to manifest now and in the months ahead for you, Sagittarius. Venus will turn you into a money magnet until March 2022 as she tours your solar second house.


Prepare to glisten like a star for months to come, Capricorn. Venus will be dancing within your zodiac sign until March 2022, helping you to attract money, love, and beauty.


You will be reviewing your relationships significantly in the months to come, Aquarius. Venus will dance within your dreams as she moves silently through your solar twelfth house.


Celebrations, parties, and invites will come your way now and in the many months to come, Pisces. Majestic Venus will make you the belle of the ball as she keeps your name on everyone’s lips, singing within your solar eleventh house.