Your Weekly Horoscope for October 31-November 6, 2021: A Powerful New Moon in Scorpio!

November 3, 2021

Prepare for a week filled with much activity and energy! Your weekly horoscope for the new moon will attune you to the energies at play!

Of all the planets, Mercury will be the one who brings most of the news! Happily, after weeks of being lost in a fog and praying he could catch his breath and gain speed, our cosmic messenger will finally finish his post-shadow phase on November 2. However, as we are now rapidly approaching eclipse season—also a time not ideal to sign contracts or make decisions due to all of the cosmic dust thrown up into the air—we will need to tread on eggshells anyways.

On October 31, Mercury in Libra formed a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This will fill our minds with optimism and excitement, as good news is likely to come our way. If you are in need of signing contracts or negotiating, today would be an auspicious one to do so. Yet do so rapidly, as Mercury in Libra will swiftly swoop into a square with Pluto in Capricorn on November 3. This aspect has happened repeatedly due to the retrograde phase and will cause power struggles, conflicts, and coercion to be faced within our lives.

A New Moon in Scorpio:

A new moon in Scorpio will thunder within the night of November 4. While normally this energy would cause a deep dive into our sensual needs with a moan and not a shriek, the fact that the sun in Scorpio will clash in a violent opposition with Uranus in Taurus on this same day foretells unexpected and shocking news. Accidents, breakdowns, and havoc could manifest for some people—yet breakthroughs, excitement, and euphoria could happen for others. The very nature of Uranus is the unknown, so it is best to tread lightly and see what boon or curveball the universe throws your way. This new moon is the last one in Scorpio before the eclipse cycle starts on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The events that take place now will likely come to fullness near the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15, 2022.

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Venus Enters Capricorn:

Next to note will be the arrival of Venus to Capricorn on November 5. This will be a long-term cycle, as our Lesser Benefic will spin her dress here until March 7, 2022. This is due to an approaching retrograde phase that will occur in December. In Capricorn, Venus enhances business, financial, and creative success.

Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, continues to make tracks as he bolts into the depths of Scorpio on November 5, too. Our thoughts and communications will be probing, intense, and instinctual. We will bring a piercing laser eye to anything we focus upon—seeking to find and uncover the truth. Our minds will become sharp, analytical, and intuitive in the weeks ahead.

To end the week, Mercury in Scorpio will sextile Venus in Capricorn on November 6. A social, sweet, and pleasurable influence will trickle down from the cosmos above into our lives. Despite the obstacles that may have recently been thrown at us, the universe is telling us that leading with charm and compassion will get us through.

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Major Transits of the Week

10/31 — Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius

11/2 — Mercury post-shadow phase ends

11/3 — Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

11/4 — New moon in Scorpio

11/4 — Sun opposite Uranus

11/5 — Venus enters Capricorn

11/5 — Mercury enters Scorpio

11/6 — Mercury in Scorpio sextile Venus in Capricorn

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Your Horoscope for the New Moon in Scorpio


This week’s new moon could bring an approval for a loan, venture capital, or line of credit, Aries. With so much possibility in your solar eighth house, wealth could soon be yours.


Partnership will become even more of a focus for you due to the new moon in your solar seventh house this week, Taurus. If single, you may find someone just your type with staying potential. If dating, you could decide it’s an auspicious moment to move in, get engaged, or be wed.


According to your weekly horoscope for the new moon, this lunation will help you to focus on your daily routine and how you factor in your physical health, Gemini. This could be a fantastic moment to start a new exercise plan or diet regimen.


All Cancers will rejoice with the arrival of this week’s new moon, followed by a fleet of Cupid’s angels. This lunation falls in your solar fifth house and could help single Cancers find new love, while committed couples may now try for a child.


With a breath of fresh air uttered from the new moon in your solar fourth house this week, you may become inspired to redecorate or host a lively gathering at home, Leo. Welcome in those whom you love.


This week’s new moon will bring you many inspiring ideas, Virgo. It will float up out of your solar third house and give you the impetus to work on a new communications-related endeavor.


This week’s new moon would be an excellent moment to look for a new job, raise your rates, or advertise for more clients, Libra. As it highlights your solar second house, you may have luck in all financial matters.

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The most important new moon of the year for you arrives this week, Scorpio. As it falls within your zodiac sign, your weekly horoscope for the new moon will find that the doors open now for you to establish the themes and patterns you want to see grow in the year to come.


Your horoscope for the new moon warns you to take care of your mental health this week, Sagittarius. The new moon will fall in your solar twelfth house and may cause your frustration or anxiety to spike. Practice mindfulness.


A fresh burst of excitement will electrify your social network this week, Capricorn. The new moon in your solar eleventh house will bring shocking or exhilarating news about a friend.


Assess the professional milestones you’d like to climb to in the year ahead, Aquarius. The new moon in your solar tenth house could bring a surprise in your career that rocks your world.


This week’s new moon is set on pushing you in a vibrant fresh direction, Pisces. As it highlights your solar ninth house, you may be spurned to pursue a fresh academic or travel plan.