The Sky this Month, August 2022

Out of 2022, August is one of the most important months to pay attention to astrologically speaking. On August 1, we enter the month under the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the Lunar North Node of Destiny. While this conjunction is feared by many due to the volatile influence of both Uranus and Mars, it can also be read as a huge opportunity to move in new directions. 

Considering this conjunction will never happen again in this sign in our lifetime, the actions we take now to abandon the old and welcome the new could and will have very positive consequences for our growth and expansion—not only in August, but until April of 2026, which is when Uranus leaves Taurus. Fortune favors the bold now, and, luckily, August provides enough tension to wake us up from boredom or stagnation. The sudden changes that happen now, at the beginning of August, can be turned into huge opportunities, if only we dare to make big, bold, and radical changes and moves. 

A Bold Leo Season As we enter the month, the luminaries provide fertile ground for us to plant the seeds of new creative projects. The moon is waxing in light, creating the proper terrain for manifestation to occur. The sun is in Leo, shining its light on new paths and possibilities, as it gets closer and closer to square Uranus (exact on August 11). 

However, both Mars and the sun are also squaring Saturn on August 7 and August 14, respectively. As we begin to walk...

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