The Sky this Month, December 2021

November’s astrology brought to a climax the most important configuration of 2021 as the Scorpio planets activated the Saturn-Uranus square. While the astrology forecast for December still brings a clash between these giants, the focus moves towards the upcoming transits that will take us into 2022. More specifically, the retrograde of Venus, as well as Jupiter’s entrance into Pisces.

A Focus on Neptune The astrology forecast for December has a foggy undertone as Neptune gets activated during the entirety of the month. In fact, when reading this, you might already be feeling its influence on you! As the planet of fantasy and illusion wakes up from its long nap on December 1, it will be receiving celestial activity from Mars and Venus. Romance, creativity, and the need to rest and sleep are on the menu during the first few days of December.   

By the time the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on December 3, the romantic fog can quickly become confusing. At this powerful lunation, the sun, moon, and Mercury will be squaring Neptune in Pisces. While this lunation is vibrant and optimistic, it’s not a great time to begin anything new. Eclipses are about surrendering, especially when Neptune is trying to get us off the mundane and into the world of dreams and fantasy. This month, avoid as many responsibilities as you can and let yourself be inspired. Especially around December 7 and December 12, which is when Mercury and...

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