Your Weekly Horoscope for August 15 –21, 2021: Venus Enters Libra

August 15, 2021

After an extremely rocky start to August, the planets shift into a happier heaven’s dance as Venus enters Libra. Prepare for a rather lovely week, filled with happiness, pleasure, and surprises around every corner!

At the onset of the week, magnetic Venus enters into her domicile zodiac sign, Libra, on August 16. This will bring a collective ease to all of our relationships, offering opportunities for union, agreement, and harmony. We are infused with an innate charm now, allowing us to connect more softly with anyone that we meet or do business with. While we may be more open to compromise than usual, this can at times cause us to push our feelings under the rug in order to favor unity, justice, and peace. Also, as Venus holds ties to art and Libra holds a connection to aesthetics, all creative talents will be heightened at this time.

Next, on August 18, zippy Mercury unites in a conjunction with fiery Mars in Virgo. The day will be filled with an extremely fast-paced energy, as our timetables speed up and we have the focus to tackle everything on our lists. We can assess the details especially acutely and have great ideas about how to streamline our processes. Our communications will be fired up and we can persuade others to our cause more easily—or stage a strong defense if we are in need of doing so. While this could usually increase our tempers, the fact that they are meeting in cool and calm Virgo should help us to instead focus on productive matters.

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Uranus Goes Retrograde

Electric Uranus will station retrograde in Taurus on August 19. In the months ahead, our rebellious natures will be turned within as we assess where we need freedom and what values we are willing to sacrifice. There will be a deeper insight into global economies and real estate industries as we now realize how the pandemic has truly shifted world’s finances.

August 19 is one of the most dazzling days of the year, though, as the mighty sun in Leo stands opposite Jupiter in Aquarius. Our lives will be filled with happiness and euphoria, as breakthroughs, victories, and fortune rain down upon us. We will be feeling larger than life and eager to grow in every way that we can. A lucky streak will appear, especially in regards to previous hard work finally paying off.

To end the week, Mercury will trine Uranus. Exciting news will likely come our way, especially around financial or professional matters with both planets in earth signs. Our minds will open with ease as we decide it is time to step out of our comfort zones and fly in a new direction.

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Major Transits of the Week

8/16 — Venus enters Libra

8/18 — Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo

8/19 — Uranus retrograde in Taurus

8/19 — Sun in Leo opposite Jupiter in Aquarius

8/20 — Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus

venus libra horoscope

Your Venus in Libra Horoscope


Sweet Venus dances across the sky from you this week, Aries. This will highlight your solar seventh house, bringing harmony to all of your personal and professional relationships.


Prepare to see more ease and flow with your coworkers this week, Taurus. Your planetary ruler, Venus, swishes her hips to dance into your solar sixth house.


True love could be right around the corner for you, Gemini. As Venus shakes her maracas in your solar fifth house, it’s time to open your heart to someone new or grow closer with your partner at your side.


Benevolent Venus will cozy up in your solar fourth house this week, Cancer. This ensures that you’ll have more pleasant comings-and-goings at home and with family.


As Venus brings her voice and inspiration to your solar third house this week, you’ll be eager to charm everyone you come into contact with, Leo. You may become especially irresistible through everything you write and say.


With Venus moseying along in your solar second house this week, you’ll likely see gifts come your way, Virgo. There may be beautiful new possessions that fall into your lap from a loving universe.


Prepare to shine like a diamond this week, Libra! Your planetary ruler, Venus, shimmies into your zodiac sign, bringing you unmatched beauty and charm.


As Venus enters Libra and sings a swansong in your solar twelfth house this week, Scorpio, you’ll be especially reflective upon how romance has played a role in your past year.


Get ready for a festive couple of weeks, Sagittarius! Sweet Venus enters your solar eleventh house, guaranteeing that you’ll feel especially social and hear of many exciting invitations to connect with people who you love.


Step into the spotlight, Capricorn. Venus will dress herself in her most regal robes to sit upon the throne of your solar tenth house of achievement. Prepare to shine and charm your superiors.


This week, as Venus enters Libra, she turns a corner to dart into your solar ninth house of expansion, Aquarius. You may have an opportunity for a dazzling vacation or decide to plan one for the year ahead.


Whenever Venus swims within your solar eighth house, you feel especially sensual, Pisces. This week, she enters this zone and will help you to cuddle up with someone that you love.