Your Weekly Tarot Reading for April 7–13, 2024: Honor Your Progress.

April 6, 2024

This week begins with a powerful moment via Monday’s total solar eclipse. When the moon appears to block the illuminating rays of the sun and darkens the sky, we are offered an opportunity of clarifying introspection to reveal our deepest inner truths. This is a wonderful time to consider what you really want and how to make it happen. Solar eclipses always coincide with a new moon, the moment of the lunar cycle that invites fresh starts and new beginnings. This is your time to shine! If there’s something you have been dreaming of doing, there could be no better time like the present to make this happen. Remember that fortune always favors the bold!

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind us of the importance of honoring how far we’ve come, to celebrate the little things, and recognize our accomplishments so far. Every moment on our path has brought us here to the present moment, and that includes the missteps and mistakes as well. Own the fact that you’ve learned from your past and can put all of that rich experience towards your future. You are exactly where you need to be right now and anything is possible from here on out.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with insight and cosmic guidance into the week ahead! Don’t fear the eclipse, embrace change, and confidently take a leap of faith toward your dreams!

Aries: Page of Cups

Express yourself, Aries. No one can read your mind so if you feel something, let it be known! It’s wonderful to open your heart and let others know how you truly feel. Be a little more vulnerable, get comfortable residing in your feelings, and don’t hold back from sharing abundantly.

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Taurus: Ten of Cups

Enjoy your blessings, Taurus. There’s always something to be thankful for and this week reminds you of how good life can be. Make time to consciously celebrate the little things that you appreciate and make you feel good and know that more of this is headed your way.

Gemini: High Priestess Reversed

Listen to your intuition, Gemini. If something feels off then it probably is so let the truth reveal itself. It’s time to stop making excuses and denying what your gut is saying. Trust yourself on this one: you know far more than you are giving yourself credit for.

Cancer: Four of Cups Reversed

Accept more help, Cancer. You don’t need to take every burden on yourself, and this week provides an opportunity to open up to the potential of support all around you! Your loved ones want to offer assistance so let them. No one but you expects you to do everything on your own.

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Leo: The Tower Reversed

Embrace change, Leo. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of situations we know we have outgrown, but staying in them for longer than necessary is far worse and more painful in the long run. Don’t be afraid to let this go. You don’t need this anymore, and it’s time to create space for something new.

Virgo: Nine of Swords

Open up, Virgo. We can all get stuck in our heads at times ruminating on our fears and the worst case scenario, but you should be mindful of getting stuck in there! The best way to let go of all of that is by sharing your feelings with someone you love because you don’t need to shoulder your burdens alone.

Libra: Nine of Cups

Celebrate your accomplishments, Libra. The road to success isn’t easy, and the journey certainly doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to celebrate the milestones along the way. This week provides a lovely opportunity to notice what you have achieved so far through your hard work and dedication, and don’t forget to appreciate the little things as well!

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Scorpio: Four of Pentacles

Enjoy yourself, Scorpio. It’s understandable to feel worries around your sense of stability and comfort, especially when it comes to your finances, but if you spend all of your time obsessing about what could go wrong, you rob yourself of the joy of the potential of all that could go right! Loosen up and indulge in something a little extra this week.

Sagittarius: Five of Wands Reversed

Leave it alone, Sagittarius. When conflict arises this week, does it mean you need to engage? Probably not, especially if this situation doesn’t really affect you. You don’t need the drama so why waste your time arguing when you could do literally anything else?! Focus on being more productive instead.

Capricorn: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Put in more effort, Capricorn. Not seeing progress can be wildly frustrating, but it also offers an opportunity to notice how you can change where you place your focus. Limit your distraction so you can give this situation the proper dedication in order to make headway this week.

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Aquarius: Five of Swords

Learn from your past, Aquarius. Our mistakes can be our most valued teachers. Keep this in mind as you plot your next moves because knowing what NOT to do is just as helpful right now. If you know something doesn’t work for you, there’s no need to try it again.

Pisces: The Chariot

Keep going, Pisces. Every sign is appearing to show you that you’re on the right path so all you need to do now is remain determined and power ahead!  The path to success isn’t always linear, but when you see a green light, you know you must go in that direction.