Your Weekly Tarot Reading for February 6–12: Focus on yourself

February 5, 2022

This week’s Tarot cards revolve around the theme of eschewing logic and focusing more on what feels right.

Whether you should stay or go—or forge ahead or take a break—plotting your next move proves challenging if your sense of clarity is obscured. Take time this week to center yourself, breathe through the confusion, and trust that the dust will settle allowing you to see clearly again. In the meantime, take care of yourself by being patient, tapping into your heart space and trusting yourself to make the best choices for your highest good.

Aries: King of Swords Reversed

What feels right, Aries? Let your heart take the lead as you make decisions and seek out solutions this week. Don’t feel the need to over-explain yourself or defend your position to others because it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else if it works for you.

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Taurus: Eight of Cups Reversed

It’s ok to walk away, Taurus. Yes, you have invested a lot of time and energy into your current endeavor, but that does not mean that you have to finish something that just isn’t working for you anymore. Don’t be afraid to end it and seek out other opportunities that feel more aligned for you.

Gemini: Ace of Swords Reversed

Feeling unsure, Gemini? If your thoughts are feeling chaotic, and it’s hard to see through the mental fog right now, then there is no need to feel pressured to make any rash decisions this week. Chill, let the dust settle, and wait for more information to present itself soon.

Cancer: Queen of Cups

Take care of yourself, Cancer. You provide an immense amount of emotional support as your loved ones have come to rely on you as their rock. It feels good to be able to provide strength for the ones you love, but don’t forget to consider your own emotional well-being so you don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out.

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Leo: The Moon

Not everything is quite as it seems, Leo. A new opportunity is being presented to you this week, which feels almost too good to be true. Could it be? Only time will tell so let the circumstances of the situation unfold a bit more before fully committing.

Virgo: Wheel of Fortune

The only constant is change, Virgo. The more you resist it, the more challenging this moment will become for you. Ease up your controlling grip and go with the wind to see where it takes you this week! Remember: Just because something new is unfamiliar, it doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

Libra: Six of Cups Reversed

Let go of the past, Libra. Nothing can stay the same forever, and this week you are noticing how much has changed in your current situation. If this is no longer working for you, it is time to make some major changes so don’t be afraid to go off on your own to create a new path.

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Scorpio: King of Cups Reversed

Seek emotional balance, Scorpio. No matter what you do, it feels like everyone is trying their best to push all of your buttons this week. Remain in control, try not to lose your cool, and remember to just breathe through the frustrations.

Sagittarius: Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Limit your distractions, Sagittarius. Mismanaged priorities and a lack of organization will get in the way of completing your tasks this week and completely throw off your work/ life balance. Take more time to focus and limit the extraneous nonsense that is getting in your way from finishing what must get done both at home and the office.

Capricorn: Nine of Swords

Share how you feel in order to calm your nerves, Capricorn. Constant worrying is getting the best of you this week as you overthink everything and stay up late with anxiety. Don’t keep your concerns to yourself! Speaking your fears out loud to someone you trust can be liberating and take away the power these thoughts once held. 

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Aquarius: The Empress Reversed

How are you feeling, Aquarius? Lately, you have been so focused on tending to the needs of your loved ones, that your own desires have fallen by the wayside. Spend this week focusing on taking care of yourself and refilling your energetic cup before you are completely depleted.

Pisces: The Hierophant Reversed

Follow your own path, Pisces. It might feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but it is time for you to break away from the pack and go against the grain this week. Try something completely unexpected, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the wisdom you gain through this experience.