Weekly Tarot Reading for January 14–20, 2024: Small Steps Count.

January 13, 2024

It’s the final week of Capricorn season, and the energy of this turn of the astrological wheel has shown us what we want to work on as we expand upon our previous goals and dreams to create the plan for our long-term security. Aquarius season begins at the end of the week, ushering in a vibe that allows us to notice how the impact of our actions and ethos can affect humanity at large. What are you doing to break your mold? How are you shifting your perspective of yourself and your potential to honor your uniqueness? What is one thing you can do each day to make the world a little better? These are all lovely questions to consider as we move into the season of the celestial water bearer.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind us that change is not easy, but major transformations can occur when we focus on the small shifts that accumulate over time. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the bigger picture, try to focus this week on how you can take smaller steps every day to maintain your sense of balance.

Major change happens over time, so give yourself the proper space to do just that! Take your time considering your options to plot your next moves. Trust the process, have patience, and understand that a minor setback is merely a bump in the road that is all a part of your path.

Aries: Two of Wands

Make good choices, Aries! Will it be this one or that one? Is there really a significant difference between the two? That’s up to you to discover. The only “wrong” option would be doing nothing at all so make your decision confidently and know that what’s meant to be always will.

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Taurus: The Star

Small changes have a big impact, Taurus. If you want your circumstances to shift dramatically, you must put a plan into action that allows you to reasonably start somewhere. Focus on small positive shifts in your habits that you can create this week to feel better.

Gemini: The World

Trust the process, Gemini. Exiting your comfort zone is not easy, but challenging yourself to grow now will support you to get where you want to go. Don’t get dragged down by a minor setback this week or lose your faith in your ability to accomplish your goals. Be patient.

Cancer: The Fool Reversed

Think this through, Cancer. When a new opportunity presents itself this week, it would be best to carefully consider it before immediately saying yes. It’s wonderful to be offered something that sounds sweet, but it could be too good to be true. Seek out more information because this is not the time to be impulsive.

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Leo: Queen of Pentacles

Prioritize your own energy, Leo. Be mindful of who you hang out with and who you allow in your inner circle right now, as some friends have become unintentionally draining. You always care for everyone else, but it’s time to put yourself first and focus on your own needs for stability.

Virgo: Eight of Swords

Does this involve you, Virgo? Everyone could use your help right now, but before you run to the rescue, check in with yourself and how you want to proceed. You can’t save everyone, even when it’s painful to witness someone you care about struggling. This might be none of your business.

Libra: Temperance Reversed

Seek balance, Libra. Everything is feeling a bit up in the air at the moment, and the lack of clarity could be overwhelming at times, but this doesn’t mean you should numb out in order to deal with the discomfort. You will only make it worse! Seek out healthy alternatives to manage your stress.

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Scorpio: Ace of Wands

Say yes, Scorpio! Inspiration has struck, and the door to an exciting new opportunity has blown wide open! What are you waiting for?? Run right towards it with full force, and do not look back. This is your moment to go for it so you can start fresh with something that engages your passions.

Sagittarius: King of Cups Reversed

Adopt a new perspective, Sagittarius. Challenges have arisen, and you are facing some difficulties right now, so it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by negativity and feeling sorry for yourself. However, wallowing in self-pity is not going to help! Flip the script and use this week to create a new plan based on the lessons you have learned from this momentary hardship.

Capricorn: Two of Pentacles

Honor your priorities, Capricorn. You might want to do everything, and you certainly can, but not all at once. Use this week to focus on what really matters to you so you can give it your full attention. Otherwise, you will just spread yourself too thin and accomplish very little.

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Aquarius: The Hermit Reversed

Apply those lessons, Aquarius. Self-reflection is a helpful tool to illuminate your issues, but there is such a thing as overdoing it! It’s time to get out there and try something new! Put what you have discovered about yourself into use this week by indulging in a novel experience with someone you would love to get to know better.

Pisces: The Emperor Reversed

Take care of the issue, Pisces. Something in your life has been allowed to become out of control, but this week provides an opportunity to finally rein it by creating some much-needed structure. Becoming more self-disciplined will have a profound grounding effect on how you feel.