Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 23–29, 2024: Cancer Season Sentimentality.

June 22, 2024

Cancer season is here, and that means we might be feeling a little more sensitive, emotional, and protective of our personal space. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, and the best way to navigate this energy is by asking yourself what you need now. Do more of what makes you feel supported and comfortable, and nurture yourself completely. It’s a lovely time to stay in and get cozy, refresh your home, and indulge in whatever makes you feel most safe in your being, and to do so unapologetically.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards show us that the time is now to get focused, make a move, and strike while the iron is hot! There truly is no time like the present to go after what you desire. If you know what you want, why not make it yours?

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic advice and insight to navigate your week ahead.

Aries: Two of Swords Reversed

Stop hesitating, Aries. There’s no need to continue pretending that you’re feeling confused because if you are really honest with yourself, you know that your mind is already made up about what comes next. Put your plan into action by letting your choice be known and move forward with confidence.

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Taurus: The Emperor

Get down to business, Taurus. If you want something badly, and it appears you do, then you must make it yours! Unfortunately, there’s no quick trick to make it happen beyond getting serious about this endeavor. Create a routine that supports the dedication this will require, and then get to work!

Gemini: Three of Pentacles

Indulge in a new perspective, Gemini. Giving good advice is an art so be mindful of whose opinions and points of view you are taking in this week as you might feel more impressionable than usual at the moment. You can’t know what you don’t know but someone else’s experiences could prove to be quite valuable now.

Cancer: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Seize the moment, Cancer. When opportunity is knocking at your door, why aren’t you answering? Is it fear or something else? It might be time to figure that out. Be mindful of not getting so distracted or focused elsewhere that you miss what is right in front of you at the moment.

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Leo: King of Wands

Your time is now, Leo. The thing you have been thinking over for quite some time now is ready to take shape and come to life. Lingering fears of the unknown are understandable, but don’t let them psyche you out from making a major move. You have more of a plan than you give yourself credit for.

Virgo: Five of Swords Reversed

Step away, Virgo. You might feel as though you want to turn every little thing into a much bigger thing this week, but it would behoove you to stop and think in order to gain some perspective before proceeding.  Does everything need to be a battle? Probably not!  Channel your frustrations into something far more productive instead.

Libra: The Star Reversed

Feeling bored, Libra? If everything feels rather monotonous and mundane lately, fear not, as the muse of inspiration always returns! Do something out of the ordinary this week and make it your mission to shake things up beyond your usual routine. Take a different route, go somewhere new, and seek out new experiences in order to feel refreshed.

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Scorpio: Five of Pentacles

Treat yourself with kindness, Scorpio. Anxiety may be higher than usual this week, but try not to let the worries completely consume you. Why make a tough situation worse by beating yourself up over something beyond your control anyway? Ease up and show yourself some understanding because circumstances won’t feel this challenging much longer. 

Sagittarius: Six of Swords Reversed

Discomfort is temporary, Sagittarius. Something truly needs to end, and this week might find you in the eye of the energetic storm. As you make your way through, try to remember that the rain never falls forever, and this, too, shall pass. Just go with the flow and ride it out to the peaceful vibe that awaits on the other side.

Capricorn: The Lovers

Prioritize your relationships, Capricorn. When the people you love need you, it’s important to show up for them, and this week reminds you of just how important your personal connections are to you. Don’t hesitate to step away from your professional obligations because you won’t regret it. Work can wait. 

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Aquarius: The Empress

Good things take time, Aquarius. A new idea is taking shape here, and if you wish for it to sprout into something bigger, you need to nurture it with sweet, loving care. How can you devote more time and energy to this practice? Make that your mission now and see what flourishes later.

Pisces: Eight of Pentacles

Stay focused, Pisces. You know exactly what you want, and now it’s time to make it yours! Don’t let anything distract you as you make this your sole, all-encompassing mission at the moment, and trust that any sacrifice you make now will be well worth it later on.