Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 9–15, 2024: Dive Deep.

June 8, 2024

As Gemini season is winding down, this week provides a lovely opportunity to consider your curiosities and make the most of this celestial moment with the zodiac’s investigative twins. This could be a wonderful time to set your sights on learning something you’ve always had an interest in or moving your focus inward to discover something new about yourself. Journaling is an excellent Gemini-inspired activity! Take it a step further by pulling a Tarot card or two as a prompt to write about what it inspires for you and your current mindset. It’s always powerful to know what you want and need so you can communicate it to others clearly and effectively. 

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards hint at a turning point by encouraging thoughtfulness and taking time and space to assess current situations. Is this something that could benefit from a little more effort? Or is it time to just let it go? Don’t shy away from diving deep and looking at all angles. You’ll know exactly what to do.

Read on for your Tarotscopes for cosmic guidance and advice about your week ahead!

Aries: Five of Pentacles Reversed

Keep going, Aries. You’re almost out of the woods; you just need to go a little farther this week. Surround yourself with good people who will continue to encourage you as you ride out your current challenges. If anyone drags you down, they must go. You have no time for that sort of energy!

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Taurus: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Take a new approach, Taurus. If you feel like something is taking far more effort than it may be worth, this week provides a lovely opportunity to reevaluate your methods. You might not have to throw this whole endeavor away when a different perspective provides exactly what’s been missing.

Gemini: The Devil

Release the obsession, Gemini. Whatever it is that you have been fixated on lately, it’s time to just let it go. This situation has been taking up far too much precious real estate in your mind, and ruminating on the possibilities will not give you the control you think it could. 

Cancer: Six of Swords Reversed

Embrace change, Cancer. All of the signs of a significant transformation have been making themselves known to you, and it has become clear as to what steps need to be taken next to ease through this transition. Growing pains are to be expected as you ease out of what’s known, so don’t take on too much else as you move forward at this time.

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Leo: The Emperor

Take matters into your own hands, Leo. Enough passivity! You don’t need to be polite any longer, as you have been rather kind and understanding regarding everyone else’s timelines, but there’s no more time for waiting! If you want to get this done, you need to take the lead and get started whether others are ready or not.

Virgo: Queen of Cups

Center your self-care, Virgo. This is your calm after the storm of others’ emotions and perceptions. It’s time to cut back on nurturing everyone else and focus on your own energetic needs. Keep it chill by doing something you find indulgent and relaxing so you can feel refreshed.

Libra: Ten of Swords

Let it go, Libra. As much as you may wish to control a certain situation, this is completely beyond your sphere of duty, and continuing to push against the current will only exhaust and frustrate you further. Step back and ease up. It’s powerful to stop fighting the inevitable.

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Scorpio: Six of Pentacles

Share your resources, Scorpio. What’s the point of hoarding away all of the good things, the talents, and the knowledge you possess for a supposed rainy day? It’s so much more pleasurable to enjoy what you have with the people you love, so spread the wealth generously by giving what you can to those who could mutually benefit.

Sagittarius: The Chariot

It’s time to focus, Sagittarius. There’s a lot that needs to be accomplished this week, and there’s no magic spell beyond just buckling down and doing it! Limit your distractions so you can power through it all because this is a crucial moment for your productivity, and time is of the essence.

Capricorn: Five of Swords Reversed

Do you have to be right, Capricorn? This week’s circumstances find you in situations that have you questioning your original point of view. What happens when you realize you could have been wrong about your first impressions? This could be a wonderful time to put down your sword, stop fighting, and change your mind. 

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Aquarius: Two of Wands Reversed

Create a better plan, Aquarius. Change is in the air, and to accomplish what you have set out to do, you need to get more organized and create a more detailed roadmap. Winging it and flying by the seat of your pants has worked well in the past, but this current endeavor requires far more precision.

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Manage your expectations, Pisces. It’s wonderful to shoot for the stars, especially when you have such a precise aim, but to get what you truly desire, you need to have patience. When you adjust your notion of timing, you won’t be disappointed. Good things take time.