Your Weekly Tarot Reading for March 31 to April 6, 2024: Rest and Review.

March 30, 2024

We are in the middle of an eclipse portal, and this week’s cosmic path throws another celestial wrench into our collective path via Mercury’s shift into retrograde. Before you have a meltdown over the chaotic possibilities, I assure you that you have nothing to fear here! The best approach to take is to expect the unexpected. Move slowly and deliberately, give yourself plenty of time and space to avoid unneeded missteps, and don’t take on more than is absolutely necessary. This is an opportunity to observe, rest, and plan as you prepare for your next transformation chapter!

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight the need for patience. It can be so difficult to wait, but this moment requires resignation and restraint. Save yourself from some major feelings of frustration by surrendering to the process and releasing the desire to control everything. Trust that everything will work out just as it should in divine time.

Aries: The Tower

This isn’t working, Aries. It’s time to face the reality of what needs to drastically change in your life, and there’s no reason to put this off any longer! Nothing can grow on a shaky foundation, so tear it all down and begin again. Embrace this moment: this is your major turning point where your story transforms.

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Taurus: Page of Pentacles

Time heals all wounds, Taurus. You will get past the pain you are currently feeling, but you must be patient and give yourself some space to move through this. Learn from your past mistakes by investing your time into people and pursuits that really matter to you instead of wasting it where you are unappreciated.

Gemini: The Chariot Reversed

Let this go, Gemini. When everything feels up in the air, it’s understandable to want to clamp down and attempt to control everything, but that’s almost impossible. You can’t control how others perceive you, make time move faster, or any of the possibilities you have been ruminating on. Stop trying to force this and give it space.

Cancer: Death

Embrace change, Cancer. The past few weeks have shown you what situations you have outgrown and what you are ready to let go of, so what’s the hesitation? Major shifts can be challenging, but this is nothing to fear. Lean into it fully and release what is no longer needed in your life.

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Leo: Four of Pentacles Reversed

Stick to your budget, Leo. Mindlessly spending money will give you that dopamine hit you crave this week, but stuff is just stuff and won’t satisfy your needs beyond the fleeting moment. If you are bored, there are far better ways to spend your time and money!

Virgo: The Empress Reversed

Prioritize your self-care, Virgo. If you have found yourself taking care of everyone else’s needs lately while neglecting your own, this week provides a wonderful opportunity to seek a better balance. It’s time to rest and focus on you! Limit the drama, go to bed early, and put your phone on DnD.

Libra: Strength Reversed

Remain patient, Libra. As you navigate challenges this week, try not to let your frustrations get the best of you by misdirecting your emotions at innocent bystanders. Keep your cool as you remember that this too shall pass, but you must give it more time.

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Scorpio: King of Wands

Take a risk, Scorpio. This week requires you to swing big and make a major move in order to get what you truly desire. Stay true to your vision, and don’t hesitate to take the lead. Now is not the time to hold back; you have been waiting for this opportunity, so make it yours!

Sagittarius: Page of Swords

Ask more questions, Sagittarius. It’s challenging to remain patient as you await the news you have been hoping for, but there is plenty for you to do in the meantime. It’s time to gather more facts, so be curious in your quest to get the answers you have been seeking and choose your words wisely.

Capricorn: The Magician Reversed

No more excuses, Capricorn! What are you avoiding? If you don’t want to do something, it’s very easy to create a million reasons as to why you shouldn’t do it, but the reality is that it does need to get done! Get to it! The sooner you begin, the sooner it will be finished.

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Aquarius: Nine of Swords

Release the negativity, Aquarius. This week requires a major shift in perspective to subdue your anxiety because if you keep expecting the worst-case scenario to come true, you will certainly get it. What if everything works out for the best? Make that notion your new motto.

Pisces: Eight of Wands Reversed

Be patient, Pisces. We all know it’s hard to wait for something, especially the news you are relying on, to move forward, but it looks like you must wait just a little bit longer. Avoid making any impulsive decisions in an attempt to get things going. It won’t work the way you think it might!