Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 12–18, 2024: Speak From the Heart!

May 11, 2024

This week provides a lovely opportunity to tie up the loose ends, speak from your heart, and embrace what’s next. We might not be certain about what lies ahead, but we can move towards it with inspired aspiration and optimism. Wherever you are in your journey, know that there is always something to remain hopeful for, there are always new opportunities, and magic is all around you in abundance.

This week’s collectively pulled Tarot cards point to the power of the hazy liminal space where one door is closing as another one begins to creak open. What remains unfinished? What still needs to be addressed? Have we said everything we need to say? 

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance for your week ahead.

Aries: Five of Wands Reversed

Don’t give up without a fight, Aries. Some things are best to let go, but this is not one of those times. A little confrontation is good, and this situation must be addressed. Keep your cool, but say what you need to say. It’s important to share your view and how this made you feel so you can move forward.

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Taurus: The Star

Remain hopeful, Taurus. Everyone gets burnt out or feels negative about certain situations, especially when the practicalities of the real world are involved, but don’t lose hope. Magic is all around you, and new opportunities are continually made available, even if they feel hidden. Look in unexpected places this week to find them.

Gemini: Knight of Cups

Listen to your heart, Gemini. Sometimes, situations don’t make any logical sense, but right now, trust that if something feels right, then it’s worth pursuing. It’s wonderful to feel excited about something! And honestly, that’s more than enough of a reason to dive into this new opportunity. 

Cancer: Ten of Cups Reversed

Embrace the positive, Cancer. We all worry about stuff, but sometimes, we need a little reality check around what is actually worth fretting over. Is everything as bad as you make it out to be? A focus on gratitude can bring a lovely shift in perspective to notice what’s working in your favor.

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Leo: Five of Pentacles Reversed

The worst is over, Leo. If situations have been difficult to navigate or you have felt like the obstacles in your path have been nonstop, know that the winds of change have come, and there will be smooth sailing ahead. The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible, so keep moving towards it.

Virgo: The World Reversed

Tend to your unfinished business, Virgo. It’s time to stop procrastinating by looking for the right time to do the thing you don’t want to do. The reality is that it’s never a good time to do something you’ve been avoiding, but it will be a relief once you don’t have to think about it anymore. Get to it!

Libra: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Develop your skills, Libra. If you want to take your current endeavor to the next level, practice will be key. It would even be wise to invest some of your time and money into a class or mentorship to brush up on your skills. Make this your priority.

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Scorpio: Six of Swords Reversed

Hang in there, Scorpio. Current circumstances are getting to the point where you might want to throw in the towel, give up, and get out of there, but it’s not quite that time yet. If you go now, you will certainly regret it so take another approach to work with what you have in a new way. 

Sagittarius: King of Swords Reversed

Be more direct, Sagittarius. Sometimes, it’s challenging to ask for what you actually want, but the only way you will get what you want is if you are very clear about it. Let’s not resort to manipulative tactics or game-playing. Just cut to the chase.

Capricorn: Nine of Wands Reversed

It’s just a little further, Capricorn. Some situations feel like an endless battle, but this one is about to come to a close. Whatever you’re facing right now, know that all you need to do is muster up a little more strength to continue to power through. This will be behind you soon.

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Aquarius: Nine of Pentacles 

Treat yourself, Aquarius. It’s about time you prioritize your rest and relaxation or indulge in something you wouldn’t normally make the time for or spend the money on. Stop denying yourself the pleasure of downtime and frivolous fun! Do something over the top or unnecessary. You deserve it!

Pisces: The Devil

Think about the consequences, Pisces. Something impulsive might feel good at the moment, but before you run towards something that isn’t truly the best for you, take some time to consider the ripple effects of your actions. Instant gratification is sweet, but is it actually worth it?