Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 5–11, 2024: Appreciate the Simple Pleasures!

May 4, 2024

Taurus season is a lovely time to luxuriate in the human experience and celebrate life! Take the time to slow down, appreciate simple pleasures, and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

The new moon in Taurus provides a wonderful opportunity to connect to the Earth and consider what sort of intentions you wish to create to honor our beautiful planet. Maybe it’s spending more time tending your garden, planting a tree, or gathering friends to clean up a local beach together.  If we all commit to doing something small to show our care for the Earth, it can make a huge impact.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind us of the languid pace of Taurus season through the importance of easing expectations, taking breaks, and honoring the limitations of our own precious energy. Listen to your body, and don’t coerce yourself into taking on more than you can truly handle at this time. It’s all about finding your sense of balance in this moment.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic insight and guidance to support your week ahead!

Aries: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Take a break, Aries. It looks like you may have overcommitted yourself by saying yes to everything and overloading your calendar. Juggling everything without forgetting something is wildly stressful!l It’s crucial to know when to press pause just to breathe or even when to cancel and change plans. 

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Taurus: Four of Swords Reversed

Honor your self care, Taurus. If you continue to move at this nonstop speed, neglecting your energy levels, and pushing yourself to the max, you will head right into a burnout! Everyone is in need of some quality down time. Slow down this week and give yourself ample space to rest and recharge. 

Gemini: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Manage your expectations, Gemini. There is a lot to be enthusiastic about right now, and patience may be challenging to cultivate. You might want it all, and you may want it all right now, but that is highly unrealistic. Give yourself time and grace to allow everything to manifest.

Cancer: Five of Pentacles

Be kinder to yourself, Cancer. It’s time to stop beating yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made in the past and just let it be with a softer approach. What’s done is done; all we can do moving forward is learn from where we went wrong and try to do something differently.

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Leo: Three of Swords

Express your feelings, Leo. If you’ve been feeling hurt, down, or even just disappointed, it’s time to let it out. Bottling up these emotions or pretending they aren’t there will only make it feel worse! Find an activity to channel these emotions, like dancing, journaling, or even talking to a loved one.

Virgo: The Lovers

Make good choices, Virgo. Your time and energy are limited, and this week’s circumstances remind you that you cannot say yes to everything or be everywhere all at once. Is it worth sacrificing your personal time for professional obligations? Sometimes, but not always. It’s crucial that you choose your loved ones right now.

Libra: Three of Cups

Prioritize fun, Libra. When was the last time you let loose and had a good time with your friends? If you are still trying to remember, it’s been far too long! All work and no play will make you stir-crazy, and it’s also terribly boring. Focus on your free time and make some plans with people you love.

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Scorpio: Two of Swords

Make a decision, Scorpio. You may be overwhelmed with choices this week, but you must stop checking in with everyone else and instead quiet your mind, stop overthinking, and make a move. Consider your options carefully: Is it this or that, or maybe a secret third option? Seek out the third.

Sagittarius: Two of Wands Reversed

Release self-doubt, Sagittarius. It’s hard to make a significant change when you continuously talk yourself out of it, downplay your talents, or act like this move isn’t for you. Let that all go right now, or you will just hold yourself back and keep yourself stuck! Give yourself a much-needed pep talk instead.

Capricorn: Judgment

It’s never too late, Capricorn. If something has been calling to you to make a major change in your life, now is definitely the time to stop shying away and stop making silly excuses. Who is to say that’s not for you or that you’re “too old?” If you want it, it’s yours, and we can always transform it!  

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Aquarius: The Tower

Don’t resist, Aquarius. We all know that the only constant is change, but sometimes, the reality of that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to accept the truth of the matter. A transformation is underway for you, and as soon as you stop delaying the inevitable, it will be easier to embrace.

Pisces: Six of Swords

Embrace the beauty of change, Pisces. The current challenges you are facing are difficult but know that the hard times are not for nothing. This is a transitional time of healing and a learning experience that will shape you into a stronger version of yourself. Trust in the process and just keep going.