Your Weekly Tarot Reading for April 14–20, 2024: Prioritize Pleasure!

April 13, 2024

This week marks the shift from fiery, confident, go-getter Aries into languid, sensual, and gentle Taurus season. Aries is all about starting something new by taking bold leaps and being a bit impulsive. If the chaotic energy of the cosmos has you feeling more sensitive or lacking clarity, this is a lovely week to prepare for the more laid-back vibe of the cosmic Bull imminently arriving!

Prioritize pleasure! Make time to tantalize your senses with beautiful experiences of long afternoons looking at art, slow dinners of nourishing meals, and appreciating the finer things in life. As important as it is to be productive, it’s just as crucial to chill out, relax, and have fun with people you love.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind us that there is so much more to life than setting goals and endlessly working. It’s time to loosen up and live a little! Enjoy yourself more, allow for little luxuries, and don’t be so hesitant to spend a little money on yourself. You can’t take it with you, and life is meant to be lived and delighted in.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance to wrap up the Aries cycle and ease your way into the celestial season of the Bull!

Aries: Five of Wands Reversed

Pick your battles, Aries. Just because others’ drama is presented to you, it doesn’t mean you must engage or take it on as well. Reserving your opinion and simply listening to all sides is a far better use of your energy. Anything more is just not worth your time.

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Taurus: Two of Pentacles

Keep it balanced, Taurus. You have figured out a system that allows you to keep up with your responsibilities, so just keep it going! This week is about maintenance rather than taking on more. It’s crucial that you understand what to limit so you don’t disrupt the peace you’ve created.

Gemini: The Moon

Trust your intuition, Gemini. Pay close attention to the space between facts and feelings this week. If something feels off, it probably is, so do what you can to seek out the missing information you need while not betraying your instincts. Don’t make a move or major decision until the fog clears.

Cancer: Five of Pentacles Reversed

It gets easier, Cancer. If you have been going through it, you can expect to see signs of everything getting a little easier this week. Nothing stays the same forever, including the challenges of hard times. The light is emerging at the end of this tunnel: Relief is coming.

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Leo: The Hierophant Reversed

Go your own way, Leo. There isn’t one roadmap to your desired destination, and a well-traveled road isn’t necessarily for you at the moment anyway. Be unafraid to verge off of the beaten path and blaze your own trail in a way that feels uniquely yours! It’s time to try something different.

Virgo: The Star Reversed

Are you being unrealistic, Virgo? A dose of major practicality is coming through in support of your dreams. It’s wonderful to fantasize, but sometimes we all need a reality check to achieve our goals. This isn’t to say your dream won’t come true, but how you do so could shift. Be open to this change!

Libra: Ace of Swords Reversed

Take your time, Libra. Communication issues abound everywhere you look this week so be mindful of emails that lack proper tone or pertinent conversations being misinterpreted in a way other than you meant. Think carefully and choose your words before you say anything to avoid unnecessary drama.

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Scorpio: Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Shift your perspective, Scorpio. You are never truly stuck, but you could be plagued with a dull sense of boredom. Look at your current situation from all angles to figure out what needs to shift. It might be as simple as noticing that what you want has changed.

Sagittarius: Three of Swords

It doesn’t always go the way you wish, Sagittarius. When a story ends unexpectedly, one can expect a swirl of emotions that come with the sudden conclusion. It’s time to begin mourning the loss of what could have been. Welcome whatever it is you are currently feeling so you can let it go and move forward.

Capricorn: Page of Pentacles

Something exciting is brewing, Capricorn. Expect your nerves to surge with exhilaration this week as all of the pieces come together for you to embark upon a new beginning. Imbue this enthusiasm into this endeavor, but be sure to take time to notice if you have everything you need so you can seek out whatever is missing.

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Aquarius: Seven of Pentacles

Enjoy yourself, Aquarius. Your work life has been busy and very intense lately, and because of this, you need a break! A little fun time will reset your mind and give you the motivation to keep grinding towards your goals. Do something pleasurable this week that you have been putting off for another time.

Pisces: Four of Pentacles

Honor your achievements, Pisces. Financial woes are an understandable worry that may never fully go away. Still, this week shows signs to remind you of the stability and security you have created for yourself through your dedication. Express your gratitude for what you have and reward your hard work with a little treat.