Your Weekly Tarot Reading for April 21–27, 2024: Make Space for Reflection.

April 20, 2024

As if we haven’t experienced enough powerful changes this year, it’s about to get a little intense in here, as Tuesday’s full moon in Scorpio provides an opportunity to dive into the shadowy depths of our emotions. This is the first full moon after a wild eclipse season, and now that the portal has closed, we can assess all of the feelings that have been stirred up by this astrological phenomenon. Something may have come to an unexpected end.

Now is the time to begin further healing by processing any emotions that are coming up now that the damage is done, the chaos has subsided, and everything has calmed down. Create some space for reflection during this lunation so you can face any lingering fears or obstacles from the past that could be holding you back from moving forward through this time of great transformations. Change is a challenge, but what awaits on the other side is divine! 

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards provide a lovely respite of clarity, which coincides nicely with Mercury’s end of retrograde on the twenty-fifth. If situations or decisions have felt impossible to make, expect all of that to change now by weighing your options carefully and moving forward confidently with your choices. You know exactly what you need to do, so remain true to your vision and your desires. The only person you need to please at the moment is you!

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic insight into your week ahead!

Aries: Ten of Cups Reversed

Assess your communication skills, Aries. Are you saying what you mean and meaning what you say at the moment? This week feels rife with miscommunications, so choose your words wisely, especially when it comes to navigating conflict within your family. Avoid drama by being clear with your intentions. 

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Taurus: Queen of Swords

Think for yourself, Taurus. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the views and opinions of others, especially the expectations of loved ones, but this is an opportunity to go your own way. Other people’s opinions don’t really matter, so consider what you want to do and let that lead the way.

Gemini: The Moon

Trust your intuition, Gemini. If you’ve been feeling confused or as if something is off, this week provides an opportunity for a little investigation of your current circumstances. Trust what your inner wisdom is telling you and put your sleuthing skills to good use. You will find all of the answers you’re seeking.

Cancer: Two of Pentacles

Roll with the punches, Cancer. Expect the unexpected this week as life throws you an unexpected curveball. Do you have the time and space to take this on without disrupting your flow? Only you know the answer to that one but know that whatever you choose is for the best.

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Leo: Five of Pentacles

Help is closer than you realize, Leo. If you feel like you are swirling through the eye of the storm this week, this is your reminder that you don’t need to weather the chaos all on your own. Don’t hesitate to reach out to trusted loved ones for extra support and assistance. 

Virgo: Two of Wands Reversed

Release control, Virgo. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could dictate every outcome to your current situation? It would be, but that’s totally unrealistic. Loosen your grip on this moment and surrender to the chaos. It is what it is, so let it play out without your influence, and know that it will all work out.

Libra: Four of Cups

It’s time to transform, Libra. If everything has been feeling utterly boring and the same day in and day out, this is your opportunity to make a major change. You are never truly stuck, but sometimes, you must make the first move to shift your situation. Be proactive!

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Scorpio: Two of Swords Reversed

Don’t hesitate, Scorpio. All of this ruminating needs to end, and it might as well be this week. What’s inhibiting you from making a decision anyway? Stop second-guessing yourself and your options so you can commit to something already. Try to remember that there is no wrong move here.

Sagittarius: Seven of Cups

Weigh your options carefully, Sagittarius. Decisions can feel perplexing this week so take your time as you make your considerations. There’s no need to rush or feel pressure to commit to anything at the moment so remember that if you need more information, all you need to do is ask for it. 

Capricorn: Eight of Pentacles

Establish your routine, Capricorn. Large-scale dreams are far easier to accomplish when you break them down into more manageable chunks. This week provides a lovely time to overhaul your schedule and create smaller goals with reasonable timelines. Be diligent, stick to it, and before you know it, you will achieve what you desire!

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Aquarius: Ace of Swords

Express yourself, Aquarius! Your words have power, so use them wisely this week, especially if something has been left unsaid or held back for the right time. Know that when you speak from a place of honesty and integrity, it can be received in the same fashion.

Pisces: The Chariot

Keep your eyes on the prize, Pisces. Half the battle is knowing what you want. Since you’ve figured that out already, it’s time to go full steam ahead toward your destination! Stay determined this week by not getting distracted by unnecessary drama or other little forms of nonsense.