Your Weekly Tarot Reading for April 24–30, 2022: Shift Your Perspective!

April 24, 2022

Keep it positive! This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards shine a spotlight on the bright side of our current situations. Indulge in a new perspective in order to find a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration. Surround yourself with good people who bring out the best in you. Keep your heart and eyes open for new possibilities and exciting opportunities.

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes with guidance to find what you were previously missing.

Aries: The Star Reversed

Indulge in a new perspective, Aries. Recent disappointments have knocked you down, but now it’s time to get right back up again. Negativity begets more negativity so cut that out and seek out the bright side. Attack your current situation with a new approach and refreshed, more enthusiastic point of view.

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Taurus: Four of Swords Reversed

Make time to rest, Taurus. You have been going full speed nonstop lately working long hours and giving all of your energy to those who need help, but this maxed-out pace is just not sustainable for your well-being. It’s imperative that you take time off to chill and catch up on your sleep before you burn yourself out.

Gemini: Six of Swords Reversed

Let go of the past, Gemini. How can you continue to move forward if you continue to look backward? Some situations and relationships just do not work out. In order to continue to progress, you must accept this and move on. Close this chapter once and for all so you can create new opportunities.

Cancer: Queen of Swords Reversed

Tune out the opinions of others, Cancer. You have a substantial decision to make this week. Frankly, you have allowed a few too many cooks into this kitchen to weigh in with their thoughts and advice. Listen to your own heart for guidance because you already know exactly what you need to do.

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Leo: The Fool

Lighten up, Leo! Does everything really need to be serious all of the time?! Try to find the humor in the foibles of your current situation, and let go of your desire to control the outcome (spoiler alert: try as might, you simply cannot direct the tides of fate!) It is what it is so you might as well have some fun with it.

Virgo: The Sun Reversed

Be more realistic, Virgo. Stop making so many assumptions about other people and situations you find yourself in this week. Don’t take it personally, it’s not even about you! Let it go, mind your business, and focus on the bright in order to avoid an avalanche of disappointment due to mismanaged expectations.

Libra: Temperance Reversed

Everything in moderation, Libra. This week requires a new life motto because “work hard, play hard” is no longer balancing out your stress levels. Resist the temptation to go to excess indulgences to feel relief when rest and relaxation will actually provide the rejuvenating fix you desire.

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Scorpio: Nine of Swords

Don’t let your worries get the best of you, Scorpio. You must get out of your head this week and attempt to relax! Dipping into the worst-case scenarios over and over again, especially before bed, is only increasing your anxieties and decreasing your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Sagittarius: The Emperor

Create a new routine, Sagittarius. Your schedule has changed so you must, too, in order to maximize your energy level and reach your greatest potential. Rearrange your responsibilities so you can ease into a flow that is more supportive of your natural circadian rhythm.

Capricorn: Justice

The truth always comes out, Capricorn. Certain scenarios have been feeling rather unfair lately, but you do not need to resort to gossip and drama to right the wrongs of others. Take the high road here, and don’t get involved. Rest assured that the lies of others will be revealed soon without your involvement.

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Aquarius: Ace of Cups

Open your heart, Aquarius. The new potential for new relationships is at an all-time high for you this week so use this energy wisely! If you have been wanting to expand your circle and connect with new people, ask someone out on a date, whether it is romantic or platonic.

Pisces: Two of Pentacles

Manage your time meticulously, Pisces. You have a lot going on this week so try not to get distracted by your daydreams or any shiny objects you happen upon. Plan your days appropriately and give yourself realistic deadlines so you can accomplish all of your tasks and feel your best!