Your Weekly Tarot Reading for December 11–17, 2022: Pre-Holiday Productivity

December 11, 2022

This week’s energy inspires a wave of productivity. So, if there is anything you wish to get done before the holidays, now is your time to get plans in motion, wrap up loose ends, or even set your sights on your next endeavor. 

To stay motivated, get clear on your goals, limit your distractions, and stay focused. Remember that everything will get done in due time. Our collectively pulled Tarot cards remind us that we can handle anything that comes our way this week, especially when we are energized and go with the flow rather than against it.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with guidance to support your week ahead.

Aries: Strength

You’ve got this, Aries. Expect the unexpected this week as obstacles pop up in your plans at the last minute. Don’t let a wrench in the system take you down! Instead of getting heated or, even worse, giving up entirely, roll with it and work around it. You know what to do to get back on track.

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Taurus: Nine of Swords Reversed

Let it go, Taurus. The uncertainties surrounding your current situation seem to be really getting to you lately, but excessively worrying isn’t doing you any favors. It is what it is right now, so try to step back and detach a bit. At least you can make yourself more comfortable if you stop obsessing about the potential outcome.

Gemini: The Sun Reversed

Count your blessings, Gemini. You need a major shift in perspective in order to turn your mood around this week so instead of focusing on what you lack, spend more time celebrating what you DO have. Celebrate your talents, friends, family, and anything that adds joy to your life. When you notice the small stuff, you can shake off the frustrations a little more easily.

Cancer: Three of Wands

Create a challenge, Cancer. When was the last time you really stretched yourself beyond your comfort zone? If you have been feeling bored or stuck lately, it might be because you are a bit too comfortable! What if you could be a beginner again? This is an opportunity to put yourself out there by being a student and learning something totally new.

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Leo: Two of Swords Reversed

What are you waiting for, Leo? A challenging decision must be made, and yes, that isn’t easy, but putting it off is not making it any less difficult. The clock is ticking, and it would be such a shame for this moment to pass you by. Go ahead and make your choice so you can move forward.

Virgo: Wheel of Fortune

Luck is on your side, Virgo! A golden opportunity has come your way, but this advantage will only take you so far unless you make the most of this moment. This is not the time to overthink it or focus on perfectionism because if you wait too long, it could pass you by. Create your own success.

Libra: King of Wands

Take charge, Libra. When it comes to planning for the holiday festivities, the people around you are at a bit of a loss as to where to begin. They are looking for direction and answers, which you can provide in abundance! Get organized, divvy up the tasks, and be the leader everyone knows you can be.

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Scorpio: Two of Pentacles

Manage your time wisely, Scorpio. Don’t feel you need to accept every invitation coming your way this week. You are a hot commodity, and everyone wants to spend time with you, but your time is precious and valuable! Prioritize the people you actually want to spend time with so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Sagittarius: Knight of Swords Reversed

Obtain more information, Sagittarius. Before you let your emotions get the best of you and potentially fly off the handle, you must understand that this current situation you feel so much confusion over is not all it appears to be. Hold back from making a move and focusing on finding out the facts.

Capricorn: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Are you unsure, or are you just procrastinating, Capricorn? A new opportunity has been presented to you, but you haven’t done anything with it just yet. It’s time to begin! Don’t overthink it; just start somewhere — anywhere! The rest of the path will become visible soon.

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Aquarius: The Star

It’s getting easier, Aquarius. If the holiday season has been getting you down or everything has been feeling rather rough lately, expect to see signs of imminent hope this week. Your circumstances are changing, the stress is easing up, and the weight is lifting as positive signs appear all around you.

Pisces: Page of Pentacles

Keep your eyes on the prize, Pisces. Despite the abundance of distractions, don’t throw in the towel just yet on accomplishing what goals remain unfinished. Even though we are closing in on the end of the year, you will be surprised by how much you can do when you double down with complete focus.