Your Weekly Tarot Reading for December 17–23, 2023: Capricorn Season Commences!

December 16, 2023

Tenacious, practical, and methodical, Capricorn season begins with the solstice, the longest and darkest night of the year, providing an aligned time to go within and reflect on our grand ambitions and long-term goals. Think of this as a turning point: a place for ending what no longer aligns and a moment to welcome new beginnings of rebirth. What will you bring with you into the new year? What are you ready to let go of and leave behind? From here on out, the days will get a little longer and a little lighter. Consider what is currently “lighting” you up, and allow that to illuminate where to devote your energy in 2024.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight the interplay between the past, the present, and the future with reminders to let go of the old to remain open to the abundance of opportunities ahead. This is your energetic reset, so let’s leave the past in the past, forgive and forget, and tie up the loose ends so we can keep it moving forward.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance and support into the week ahead.

Aries: Two of Wands

Be open to new opportunities, Aries. A choice is being presented to you, and it would be best not to take too long to make your final decision. There’s a delicate balance between weighing your options carefully and overthinking the possibilities. This could be a wonderful time to try something totally unexpected.

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Taurus: Six of Cups Reversed

Keep it moving, Taurus. Memories from the past are bubbling to the surface as every little moment seems to remind you of a forgotten time with people who are no longer present. It can be sweet to take a stroll down memory lane but don’t get stuck back there for too long.

Gemini: Five of Swords Reversed

Forgive and forget, Gemini. Do you really want to continue fighting about the same thing over and over again? Sometimes, you just need to let things go as you agree to disagree. Let this be so you can move on and put your energy towards something far more worthwhile.

Cancer: Four of Wands

It’s time for a celebration, Cancer! You’ve reached a significant milestone, and that should be acknowledged. Before you race forward towards accomplishing the next goal, take time to honor your achievements with the people close to you who helped you get there. This is a big deal, and you should be proud!

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Leo: The World Reversed

Tie up loose ends, Leo. There’s no better time than the end of the year to close the loop and wrap up any unfinished business. Pay attention to the details, follow up on old communications, and finish what you started so you can move on and welcome the new year unencumbered.

Virgo: The Hanged Man

No move is the best move, Virgo. Some situations just don’t move as quickly as we might want them to, but this isn’t the time to make a rash decision or to do anything hasty due to frustration or boredom. Be patient and wait a little longer because everything will sort itself out.

Libra: Queen of Swords Reversed

Know your limit, Libra. Everyone wants your assistance, attention, and time, but even you can get maxed out! You can only do so much, and if you try to push past that limitation, you will wind up exhausted, burnt out, and potentially resentful. Know when to say no, and stick to it.

Scorpio: King of Wands Reversed

Set realistic expectations, Scorpio. It’s wonderful to be highly ambitious, but if you get too carried away by setting goals with unreasonable timelines. It’s only going to lead to disappointment and feelings of failure. That’s totally unnecessary! Save yourself the stress by being more practical.

Sagittarius: The Empress

Enjoy yourself, Sagittarius. When was the last time you took a moment to consciously recognize all of the beauty and comfort you have created for yourself? When you step back and take it all in, it’s easy to see how rich your life is now! Take the time to enjoy it thoroughly.

Capricorn: The Hierophant

Gain a new perspective, Capricorn. It’s hard to know what move to make next, but staying in your head and ruminating over the possibilities isn’t doing you any favors or providing any clarity. Seek out the advice of someone you trust, and everything will make more sense.

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Aquarius: Three of Swords

Mourn the loss, Aquarius. Some situations just don’t work out how we had hoped they would, and you have every reason to feel sad, disappointed, or whatever emotions are coming up for you. Feel it all so you can let it go and know that this, too, shall pass.

Pisces: The Sun

Good things are coming, Pisces. You have navigated a lot of uncertainty recently, but the wonderful news you have been waiting for is imminently arriving! It’s everything you have hoped for and more. Enjoy this moment because success is yours, and let yourself get excited about what the future holds.