Your Weekly Tarot Reading for December 24–31, 2023: Make Peace with the Moment.

December 23, 2023

We are wrapping up December and 2023 with a final full moon of the year. This lunation is known as the Cold Moon, as it denotes the frosty landscape and occurs on December 26 in emotive Cancer, giving you an opportunity to feel every feeling as you reflect upon the past year. Consider the lessons you have learned and the progress you have made, and make peace with the current moment by letting go of anything that no longer serves you. Leave the old energy in the old year to embark upon the new ones unencumbered!

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight where we should focus as we wrap up the loose ends of 2023 and set our sights on the potential of 2024. Even though this can be a busy, verging on chaotic week overflowing with emotions, create space for you and your own self-care to maintain a sense of balance. Don’t take on more than you currently have or get caught up in others’ drama because you just don’t need it! Remember to rest and know that you’ve got this!

Read on for your Tarotscopes for cosmic guidance in your week ahead, and have a very happy New Year!

Aries: The Moon

Follow your intuition, Aries. When an opportunity arises this week, it might not be totally apparent as to what it fully entails, but if you take time to listen to your gut, you can’t go wrong. Don’t feel like you need to rush into something, as what is being offered will not be fleeting.

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Taurus: Two of Pentacles

Maintain your balance, Taurus. You have a lot on your plate now, but it feels like you have found the sweet spot that allows you to juggle it all effectively. Enjoy the buzz with the excitement of holding everything in equilibrium, and don’t succumb to outside pressure to take on more at this time.

Gemini: Five of Wands

Be mindful of your words, Gemini. The energy may be feeling tense, and that means that opportunities are ripe for miscommunications this week. Don’t get involved in any unnecessary drama that doesn’t concern you, but if you must say something, be sure to be incredibly clear with your message to avoid any complications.

Cancer: Temperance

Bring it to balance, Cancer. As we close out this year, this is a lovely time to consider any bad habits you are ready to leave behind. Where can you bring moderation to your life? If anything feels like it has been too extreme, this is your time to bring it to equilibrium and begin the new year with healthier intentions.

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Leo: The Magician

Take the lead, Leo. As the year comes to a close, this is an excellent time to get supremely clear on your intentions for the next year. Allow yourself to dream bigger and take charge of your dreamiest reality with immense focus. If you want something badly, make it yours!

Virgo: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Reignite your spark, Virgo. If everything is feeling rather boring and lackluster, then this is your sign to take a much-needed break! Don’t fret that you’ve lost your passion or are stuck in a dead end because it looks more like you are burnt out because you have worked yourself into the ground. Excitement will return after some rest.

Libra: The World Reversed

Finish what you started, Libra. There’s no time like the end of a calendar year to take note of any loose ends that may remain from uncompleted projects or unfinished endeavors. Wrap everything up this week so you can move into the new year unencumbered to embrace new opportunities.

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Scorpio: Eight of Wands

Good news is on the way, Scorpio. It’s been a slow start towards your next endeavor as any signs of progress have been sluggish to show themselves, but don’t give up just yet! The signs you have been waiting for that give you the go-ahead are beginning to reveal themselves to you this week. Keep watch!

Sagittarius: Eight of Cups Reversed

Pick yourself back up, Sagittarius. Personal setbacks have knocked you down, but disappointments will never define you. All that matters now is how you move forward, so even if it feels like you will never get over this, trust in yourself and your resilience, and you will. Remember that you are healing.

Capricorn: The Lovers Reversed

Focus on your relationships, Capricorn. Switch your attention from work to your personal life this week as you make more time for the people you care about. Make plans with your loved ones and check in on old friends! It will feel good to reconnect and catch up.

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Aquarius: Two of Cups Reversed

Take a step back, Aquarius. If any relationships are feeling a little too enmeshed or emotionally draining at the moment, this is an opportunity to pull back and focus on your own needs. Holding space for others is wonderful, but you must take care of yourself and honor those boundaries.

Pisces: Ace of Wands

Go for it, Pisces! New opportunities are being presented to you that will allow you to tap into your full potential soon. This is your moment to make the most of these exciting circumstances, so don’t hold yourself back or talk yourself out of showing off your talents. You’re ready for this.