Your Weekly Tarot Reading for December 6-12, 2021: Expect Delays!

December 7, 2021

This week’s cards foretell unexpected delays ahead—but don’t worry, your weekly Tarot reading for December 6 is here to help you cope!

Don’t give up or lose hope just yet. Everything is still unfolding in its own due time. On the bright side, unforeseen obstacles provide opportunities to get creative and create a new path to success. Who knows? You might even stumble upon an opportunity you would have missed via your previous route.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with guidance as to how to navigate the bumps in the road and the energetic slow down with ease.

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Aries: Knight of Swords Reversed

Seize the moment, Aries! A new opportunity is presenting itself to you, and it would be a shame to miss out because of your own self-doubts. Have faith in your abilities, and do not hold yourself back from accepting this next challenge. It’s time to find your confidence and move forward!

Taurus: Two of Wands

What is next, Taurus? Do not be so hard on yourself if you do not know what move to make just yet. Take more time to think this through and weigh your options carefully this week. This does not make you indecisive—it makes you discerning. Remember that is a strength!

Gemini: Seven of Swords

Don’t give up, Gemini. Just because there is an unexpected obstacle in your path, it does not mean you need to abandon your trip completely. Try a new approach: get creative so you can course-correct and use this challenge to your advantage. The key this week is to work smarter, not harder.

Cancer: Eight of Wands Reversed

Slow down, Cancer. What is the need to rush right now? Moving this hastily will only lead to easily avoidable mistakes. Chill out and double-check what you are doing so you can ensure tasks are getting accomplished correctly the first time around. No need to create extra stress for yourself.

Leo: Two of Swords Reversed

Your weekly Tarot reading for December 6 wants you to take the initiative, Leo. It would be a shame to miss out on an exciting opportunity simply due to your inability to make a decision. What is your hesitation? Seek out any missing information so you can confidently commit and move forward.

Virgo: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Manage your expectations, Virgo. Perfectionism is a lovely ideal, but it is not real! Getting bogged down by the details while trying to make everything “just so” is majorly impeding your progress this week. Be less critical of yourself and others.

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Libra: Four of Wands

Your weekly Tarot reading for December 6 wants you to celebrate your success, Libra. Feeling a little stuck or uninspired? Before pushing forward, embrace this moment and honor your achievements thus far! Enjoying the hard work you have already put in will give you the boost you have needed to keep going on the path to accomplishing your goals.

Scorpio: Queen of Wands Reversed

Pull back your energy, Scorpio. You are fully committed, but have you taken on too much lately? Are you overextending yourself? Be careful of exhaustion and burnout this week. Carefully consider what truly needs your attention and involvement so you can let go of the rest.

Sagittarius: The Hierophant Reversed

Consider the source, Sagittarius. Well-meaning friends want to offer helpful advice this week, but that does not mean you need to take it. If you are feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions this week, step back and tune out the outside noise and opinions. Trust yourself. You know best as to what you need to do next.

Capricorn: The World Reversed

Tie up the loose ends, Capricorn. You have almost made it to the finish line as you close this chapter, complete this project, and accomplish the goal you have been working so diligently on. This is the final push! Just keep going and pay attention to the little details that could cause minor delays this week.

Aquarius: Five of Cups

Be realistic with your energy, Aquarius. Overpromising and under-delivering set everyone up for disappointment. Think about what you can truly commit to right now and focus on completing those tasks before taking on more responsibilities. This will keep everyone’s expectations at a comfortable level.

Pisces: Temperance

Avoid extremes, Pisces. Your desire for progress and tangible results makes sense, but do not do anything irrational right now just to create movement. A measured, methodical approach will serve you well with your larger goals. The pace will pick up again soon so just try to be patient this week.

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