Your Weekly Tarot Reading for February 11–17, 2024: Speak From the Heart!

February 10, 2024

Love is in the air this week as Valentine’s Day approaches midweek, turning our attention to all matters of the heart. It’s a wonderful time to get comfortable with your feelings, whatever they may be at the moment! It’s especially important to notice what you possess in abundance rather than focus on what you haven’t found yet, especially when it comes to love in all its forms.

This vibe is reflected in our intuitively pulled Tarot cards this week with reminders to speak from the heart without holding back. Let someone know how you truly feel about them. Listen to your intuition, and don’t hold anything back. You never know who could benefit from hearing from your perspective now.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic insight and guidance for your week ahead. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you know that you are so loved.

Aries: The High Priestess

Listen to your inner knowing, Aries. Your intuition is on high alert this week as it points you in the right direction and shows you what to focus on now. Pay attention to what it’s steering you away from as well, which is just as important!

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Taurus: The Magician

Take the lead, Taurus. This is your reminder that when you have a clear vision and a well-formed intention, you can make anything happen. What are you waiting for? You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you want to do, so put your big plans into action this week!

Gemini: Four of Pentacles Reversed

Don’t hold back, Gemini. If you feel something, you should say something. Why keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself when you never know how someone else could benefit from hearing your perspective? This will be healing for you as well, so be generous with your time and conversations this week.

Cancer: Ace of Cups

Speak from your heart, Cancer. How will anyone know how you truly feel if you don’t speak up and share? Don’t be afraid to lay it all out on the table and be a little more vulnerable than you usually allow yourself. It’s wonderful to express yourself honestly and leave no uncertainty about your feelings.

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Leo: Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Indulge in positivity, Leo. It is rather challenging to remain optimistic when you surround yourself with naysayers and those who find fault in every endeavor. If you want to feel better and more inspired, it’s time to change your environment and seek out people who are more nurturing and supportive.

Virgo: Seven of Swords Reversed

Notice the details, Virgo. When the red flags are glaringly obvious, it would be in your best interest to take note and pay attention. Actions speak louder than words, so if it doesn’t match up, you should remain vigilant as this situation unfolds. You don’t need to second guess your intuition.

Libra: Queen of Wands Reversed

Fake it until you make it, Libra. A new opportunity might have you questioning if you have the skills to rise to the occasion and wondering if you know what you’re doing here. But does anyone? Don’t talk yourself out of this one. Pretend you have the necessary confidence until you actually do!

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Scorpio: The Hierophant

Play it safe, Scorpio. There are times when you must go out on a limb and take a risk, but this week is not one of those moments! Keep a low profile, continue to do what you’re doing, and try not to make any waves with impulsive moves or drastic changes.

Sagittarius: Ten of Cups

Count your blessings, Sagittarius. It can be very easy to get completely consumed by a lack mentality. If you solely focus on what you don’t have, it’s incredibly difficult to notice what you possess in abundance. Spend more time this week in gratitude to shift your mood to a more positive place.

Capricorn: Ace of Swords

Take a new approach, Capricorn. Sometimes it’s not what you’re doing that needs to change, but more how you’re doing it, so be strategic this week and plot your next moves carefully. A world of difference can be made when you try communicating through a different method while still saying the same thing.

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Aquarius: Eight of Wands Reversed

Trust the process, Aquarius. Just because your current endeavor isn’t progressing at lightning speed doesn’t mean you aren’t moving forward. Sometimes, momentum slows down, but that’s all a part of the greater plan. Use this week to step back and enjoy the view rather than lose motivation.

Pisces: Two of Pentacles

Keep doing what you’re doing, Pisces. If it’s not broken, why do you feel the need to fix it? In case you missed the memo, this is what stability feels like, so there’s no need to change everything up when you have created such a lovely sense of flow.