Your Weekly Tarot Reading for February 19–25, 2023: Let Your Fantasies Run Wild!

February 19, 2023

Our week begins with a new moon in compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic Pisces. This is your time to get completely swept up in your imagination so you can allow your greatest fantasies to run wild! Why live merely in reality when you can play in your dreams? You don’t always have to be so practical! Let your intuition take center stage as you set your intentions with the new moon and consider what big dreams you wish to make a reality. There is magic in the air, and major transformations are in your favor. 

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards reflect a need to realign and restore balance in all aspects of our lives. Consider how you manage your time, what you give your energy to, and how it gives back to you. If you have been too focused on work, create space for fun. Know what needs more time or is worth a fight, and when to agree to disagree and just walk away. If you have been too caught up in your head and your own “stuff,” volunteer your time in your community and give to causes you believe in. It’s all about creating and maintaining balance so do what you can to go with the flow!

Read on for your Tarotscopes with guidance and insight into your week ahead.

Aries: Four of Pentacles Reversed

How can you help, Aries? Altruism has been on your mind lately, so this is a good way to consider the possibilities of how to be more helpful in your community. Whether it’s by giving more of your time or money to causes you believe in, now is the time to be extra generous.

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Taurus: Eight of Wands

Full speed ahead, Taurus. Everything has felt rather stagnant lately, but that’s changing this week as the momentum picks up to push you forward toward your goals. Doors are opening, and opportunities are abundant! Get caught up in the excitement, make fast yet confident moves, and stay focused on where you’re headed.

Gemini: Two of Pentacles

Manage your time wisely, Gemini. It feels good to be productive, and you are incredibly busy right now but have you taken on a little more than you can handle this week? You will assuredly get it all done, but remember to take breaks so you don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out.

Cancer: Queen of Cups

Go with the flow, Cancer. Just because there is chaos around you, it does not mean you need to engage and get in the mix! Stick to your usual routine and focus on tending to your own needs this week as this energetic storm passes you by. 

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Leo: Page of Wands

It’s ok not to know, Leo. When a new opportunity presents itself to you this week, take it on — free of preconceived notions. Forget what you previously thought about clearly defined plans being a necessity for success! Write the story as it happens and approach this moment with an open mind to make the most out of it.

Virgo: The Moon Reversed

It all makes sense, Virgo! Miscommunications from the recent past are being followed up upon and further clarified. Maybe it wasn’t such a big deal after all! This is an excellent time to forgive, forget, and move on with a far better understanding of those circumstances.

Libra: Five of Wands

Agree to disagree, Libra. No matter how hard you may try this week, sometimes you just cannot get someone else to see your side of a situation. Instead of spinning your wheels, getting frustrated, and going nowhere fast, make peace by just dropping it and moving on. Do you really need the final word anyway?

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Scorpio: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Finish what you started, Scorpio. Work is feeling incredibly frustrating right now, especially a particular project that feels like it just cannot get off the ground. However, it’s not time to abandon it or give up hope entirely! Instead of seeking out distractions, buckle down and fully commit to getting this completed. 

Sagittarius: Two of Swords Reversed

Make a choice, Sagittarius. You know a crucial decision must be made, yet you are dragging your feet and attempting to delay the inevitable. You be honest, this is only causing the pressure to build and creating more stress!  Choose something before the passing of time does it for you.

Capricorn: The High Priestess

Dig a little deeper, Capricorn. If you are uncertain about which move to make next, give yourself time to go beyond what is merely represented on the surface. What is actually missing here? Your instincts are on point, especially when circumstances are not exactly what they seem. Trust it.

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Aquarius: King of Wands Reversed

Adjust your expectations, Aquarius. Your highly ambitious spirit serves you well, but it can be wildly disappointing when not kept in check. Let’s be more realistic by reeling it in this week and adjusting your to-do list to reflect the slower pace you need to match your current energy level.

Pisces: Ten of Cups

Could it really be this good, Pisces? Yes! Dreams DO come true, and after a lot of dedication and hard work on your behalf, this week shows you signs of doors opening and desires actualizing. Take advantage of the presented opportunities and fully enjoy every moment’s emotional satisfaction.