Your Weekly Tarot Reading for February 4–10, 2024: Honor Your Progress!

February 3, 2024

As we move further into February, the energy heightens as we await the signs of life that the impending start of spring promises. This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight this tension with reminders to honor our progress so far as we learn from our past mistakes. Our missteps can be our greatest teachers, so let’s put those powerful lessons to good use! 

Whether it’s having been burned by a past relationship gone wrong, noticing a harmful habit that you no longer wish to indulge in, or a tired pattern you are ready to break, there is an opportunity to let something go that you no longer need. Do yourself the favor of letting this go to create some much-needed changes for your highest good!

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance into the week ahead.

Aries: Ten of Swords Reversed

Let go of the past, Aries. If you know something is no longer serving you, why hold onto it? Whether it’s a nasty habit, an old pattern, or someone who just doesn’t align with how you should be treated, it’s time to give it the heave-ho out of your life to create space for something much better.

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Taurus: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Be patient, Taurus. Just because you aren’t seeing any progress yet doesn’t mean you should lose hope and abandon your current endeavor. Immediate satisfaction is not guaranteed, so try to remember that good things take time, especially when you want them to last for a long while. 

Gemini: Five of Cups Reversed

Recognize the pattern, Gemini. Do you want to ride around on the same chaotic merry-go-round again? This is your opportunity to learn from your past mistakes and make better choices by breaking your harmful habits. It might not be easy at first, but this is for your highest good, and you will feel the benefits immensely.

Cancer: The Hermit Reversed

Put the lessons into practice, Cancer. Mistakes are our greatest teachers, and this week provides an opportunity to learn from your past before making any decisions. Why do the same thing yet again when you have a moment to choose a different option? See what happens when you use your experiences to your advantage.

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Leo: King of Swords

Remain rational, Leo. Just because everyone around you is leaning into the dramatics doesn’t mean you need to get caught up in the stress of others’ emotions. Don’t let the pressure get to you: keep calm, stick to the facts, and remember just to breathe as you navigate through the chaos.

Virgo: Temperance Reversed

Avoid doing the most, Virgo. After the recent whirlwind you’ve experienced, this week provides a lovely opportunity to slow down and tend to your own needs. Just because you can move at warped speed doesn’t mean you should! Spend more time lounging in the ether of the in-between before racing forward.

Libra: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Is it worth it, Libra? Before you put more effort and energy into this current sluggish endeavor, this would be a wonderful time to stop and think. Should you continue this uphill battle? Or is your time better spent elsewhere? You know exactly what you should be focused on now.

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Scorpio: Two of Cups Reversed

Seek internal validation, Scorpio. Don’t pay so much attention to what others feel you should be doing right now. Your choices might not make sense to the people who love you, but it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. Trust your instincts on this one.

Sagittarius: The World

You’re almost there, Sagittarius! Good news is on the way, but it’s not here quite yet, so this week provides a lovely opportunity to notice the hard work you have put in so far and celebrate your recent accomplishments. Taking the time to honor your progress will give you that last boost of motivation.

Capricorn: The Hierophant Reversed

Take the high road, Capricorn. Sometimes, you need to make a choice that goes against the grain, and this week looks like one of those times. Take the path less traveled with no need to explain your reasoning to anyone else. If it makes sense to you, then it’s the correct option.

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Aquarius: Justice

Focus on what’s fair, Aquarius. This week, a challenging decision must be made, and the best way to navigate this is by remaining logical and true to yourself. This next move cannot be based on others’ expectations or what you feel like you “should” do. Just do what you know is right, even if it upsets someone else.

Pisces: Eight of Swords

It’s not just luck, Pisces. You deserve all of the good coming your way, but it’s easy to get stuck in your head when you continue to criticize yourself so harshly or pretend it’s merely a fluke. Don’t overthink it. Instead, accept all the wonderful opportunities coming your way due to the effort you have put in.