Your Weekly Tarot Reading for January 22–28: Welcome to the Year of the Water Rabbit!

January 22, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year! In the Chinese zodiac calendar, we are entering the year of the Water Rabbit, which brings a peaceful energy that encourages us all to be hopeful for what’s to come. Let this spirit inspire you to embrace all the opportunities coming your way with dreamy optimism and self-assured confidence to make the most of your journey to success!

As we wrap up January, this week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards suggest an aligned time to check in on the intentions we set at the beginning of the year to see what’s working so far and what might already need some adjustments. Reconsider your options, reevaluate your plans, and recommit to your self-care before moving forward with your next moves! 

Read on for Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance and insight into your week ahead. 

Aries: King of Pentacles

Think long term, Aries. This week provides an aligned time to reconsider your professional goals, especially since you have been killing it at work lately, and others are noticing your successes. Where do you want to be a year from now? Focus on what you need to do now to get there.

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Taurus: Three of Swords Reversed

Let it go, Taurus. A recent situation clearly did not go how you had hoped it would, and the end results are wildly disappointing, but try not to get stuck in the misery of something failing. It’s time to move forward with the valuable lessons you learned from this defeat because you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Gemini: Four of Cups

Feeling bored, Gemini? If you find yourself fantasizing about burning your life to the ground or just running away to start over elsewhere, you might just be burnt out from your current situation! Or maybe you just feel stagnant and stuck! Before you make a drastic move, take a break in order to refresh your mind and see your circumstances with a refreshed perspective.

Cancer: Page of Wands Reversed

Focus on your plan, Cancer. Inspiration has hit, and you have so many dreams about what you could do with it. However, it’s unclear how this fantasy will come to fruition now. If you want long-term success with this new endeavor, you must resist the temptation to be impulsive and put your energy towards figuring out the logistics.

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Leo: Two of Wands Reversed

Make a move, Leo. Every detail of your plan may be planned out, but you can only map out your future for so long before you begin to hold yourself back from just starting already! Mistakes are inescapable so stop overthinking and overanalyzing everything and take the first steps toward your goal this week.

Virgo: Eight of Cups

Reevaluate your options, Virgo. A situation that was at first thrilling has now lost quite a bit of its luster. Is it still worth the investment of your time and energy? That’s totally up to you, but if it’s more work than pleasure, you are better off cutting your losses now and looking for new opportunities more worthy of your efforts.

Libra: Five of Swords Reversed

Give in a little, Libra. Your current conflict that has kept you up at night can be easily resolved through the art of negotiating. If you cannot have it all, what can you live without? Approach your compromise with clear limits so you can reach a fair agreement and move on. 

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Scorpio: The Empress Reversed

Prioritize your own needs, Scorpio. Lately, you have been so caught up in everyone else’s well-being that you have neglected your own peace of mind. You need to do something just for you this week before you burn yourself out! Plan a solo getaway as something enjoyable to look forward to in the near future.

Sagittarius: Seven of Cups

Make up your mind, Sagittarius. It’s tempting to get caught up in your daydreams of what could be rather than working on what must get done this week. You can have it all, but can you really have it all at once? Figure out what actually needs your attention now and put your focus there before moving on to something else.

Capricorn: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Take time to refocus, Capricorn. A new initiative is forming here, but it’s taken a while for it to gain traction and get off the ground. Acknowledge the frustrations, but don’t give up on this opportunity! Take a moment to step away and clear your head in order to reconfigure your plan and try a different approach.

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Aquarius: Queen of Swords

Take the advice, Aquarius. If you have been feeling stuck lately, especially when it comes to your creative endeavors, help is on the way via a fresh perspective and supportive criticism, but only if you ask! Let someone you trust offer constructive feedback and use this advice to guide your next steps.

Pisces: Ace of Wands Reversed

Delays are to be expected, Pisces. Something you want very badly is just within reach, but it isn’t yours just yet! Don’t give up or lose hope because this ship hasn’t sailed and the opportunity isn’t lost. Be patient and stay the course; there will be encouraging news soon.