Your Weekly Tarot Reading for January 3-19, 2022: A Fresh Start

January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! As you head into 2022, your Tarot reading for 2022 has special guidance from the cosmos.

We are easing into the new year by embracing a fresh start and a renewed sense of our true selves. If you have been feeling disconnected from your highest purpose or an overall feeling of personal success, the intuitively-pulled Tarot cards for this week’s Tarotscopes share a message of confidence and optimism as a connection to yourself. This is a cosmic reminder to live a life that is consistent with your highest values and aspirations.

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Aries: Judgement Reversed

Eradicate the self-doubt, Aries. A few recent slip-ups have shaken your confidence, but that does not mean you should throw everything away and give up now. Stop being so negative and criticizing yourself so harshly. A little encouragement will go a long way in supporting your motivation.

Taurus: Death

Your Tarot reading for 2022 wants you to embrace change, Taurus. What are you waiting for? Let’s rip this band-aid off already! Tiptoeing around this shift or attempting to avoid this necessary transition is just dragging it out to an excruciating level. Do what you need to do so you can put it all behind you.

Gemini: Nine of Cups Reversed

What is missing, Gemini? It’s time to shift your goals with the new year. Instead of doing what others expect of you, try focusing on what YOU want to do. Ask yourself what would make you truly happy and satisfied in order to cultivate a fresh sense of personal success.

Cancer: The Sun

Focus on the positive, Cancer. Everything’s coming together just as you had hoped for and there is a lot to be excited about in the coming week. Let yourself get your hopes, and allow yourself to feel pure, unadulterated joy! You are not jinxing anything by fully immersing yourself in this happy moment.

Leo: The Hierophant

Take some much-needed time to reassess your intentions, Leo. Honestly, what is the major rush? You are being offered a moment to pause and reevaluate your current plans before you get carried away by the momentum. Consider carefully if your priorities still align with your best interests.

Virgo: Five of Wands Reversed

Stop pretending everything is “just fine,” Virgo! Something is clearly bothering you, and avoiding conflict does not make it go away. To avoid building resentments or letting something minor become major, let someone know if something is bothering you before it blows up into an even larger mess than necessary.

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Libra: Two of Wands Reversed

Your Tarot reading for 2022 wants you to break out of your comfort zone, Libra. Everything has felt pretty cozy in your current situation, but your boredom is becoming undeniable. The easy way works but only for so long. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the convenience of what is familiar and venture into the unknown in order to feel a spark of excitement again.

Scorpio: King of Pentacles Reversed

Take some time off, Scorpio. You know that there is more to life than just work, right? Let loose and live a little this week! Go outside, do something fun, or at the very least take a longer lunch break. You need to blow off some steam before you burn out.

Sagittarius: King of Swords Reversed

What is your next move, Sagittarius? The roads ahead are tricky to navigate when your visibility is clouded with fog. Take a moment to just breathe. Everything feels a little bit out of control so collect your thoughts in order to see clearly and make a critical decision with more confidence.

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Capricorn: Ten of Swords Reversed

Your Tarot reading for 2022 says this is your fresh start, Capricorn! Times have been tough and past pain you thought was behind you has unexpectedly popped up again. It’s ok, we all have emotional baggage we carry with us, and this suitcase belongs to you. Release those old memories and embrace the optimism of the future that lays ahead of you.

Aquarius: Five of Swords

Prepare to be disappointed, Aquarius. People around you simply cannot meet your high expectations right now, so you need to plan your response accordingly. Before embarking upon a major confrontation, ask yourself if you can adjust what you need in order from them to avoid a major blow up as well as lessen your own displeasure.

Pisces: Temperance

No move is the best move, Pisces. The news you have been waiting on has been severely delayed leaving you waiting as your frustration grows. Resist the temptation to habitually follow up. Unfortunately, there is nothing for you to do to speed this along other than continue to wait.