Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 10–16, 2022: A Full Moon Full of Opportunities!

July 10, 2022

July’s full moon occurs this week on July 13 in hard-working, practical, capable Capricorn illuminating our drive and ambition. This provides an aligned lunar energy to reassess our goals, honor our progress, and create new strategies to make our dreams for success come true, which this week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards reflect.

Read on for your Tarotscopes for guidance on setting your full moon intentions.

Aries: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Does that purchase spark joy, Aries? Before impulsively spending this week, ask yourself if it is something you really need or just something you want at the moment? If it feels fleeting, it’s best to forego and save your money for something more substantial, worthwhile, and compelling!

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Taurus: Five of Cups Reversed

Learn from your mistakes, Taurus. Sometimes we gain more valuable lessons from our failures than from our successes, and it looks like the circumstances of this week are highlighting this notion for you. Consider what went wrong in the past so you can plan better next time.

Gemini: Knight of Swords Reversed

What’s the rush, Gemini? Your focus this week should be on your time management skills. Try to keep yourself on a tighter schedule that honors your current energy level and slow down a bit so silly mistakes and important deadlines don’t fall through the cracks.

Cancer: Three of Swords

Give yourself time to heal, Cancer. Painful matters of the heart are bubbling to the surface and dragging you down, whether it’s the pain of a recent breakup or an unreconciled heartbreak from the past. This is totally normal and understandable so instead of beating yourself up or pushing yourself to move on, just allow yourself to feel all of the feelings.

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Leo: Strength Reversed

Believe in yourself, Leo. Some recent disappointments have been a major blow to your ego, but don’t let that affect your confidence levels. Sometimes the timing isn’t right, and situations are beyond your control, which have nothing to do with you or your talents! 

Virgo: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Reassess your priorities, Virgo. Lately, you have been giving a lot of your energy to one part of your life, but it’s honestly rather questionable if it really deserves that much attention. If a situation feels like you are continually hitting a dead end or if you always feel drained after you hang out with someone, pay attention to that and change how you proceed.

Libra: Judgment Reversed

Stop judging yourself, Libra! That harsh inner critic of yours is getting out of hand lately and holding you back from taking on the exciting opportunities in front of you. This is your cosmic reminder that no one is perfect, so ease up on those high standards you have set for yourself.

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Scorpio: The Hanged Man

Feeling indecisive, Scorpio? Don’t let a sense of urgency of your own creation influence you to make a major move this week. Give this moment its proper space and time and think this through. This situation will feel far clearer next week, so remain calm and focus on something else for now.

Sagittarius: Knight of Pentacles

Be practical, Sagittarius. You will accomplish everything you set out to do this week as long as you stick to a schedule and apply your tried and true methods to tackle all of your responsibilities. Unfortunately, that does not leave a lot of room for adventure right now, but at least your work will get done. 

Capricorn: The Tower Reversed

You have been through a lot this year, Capricorn, and these experiences have taught you so much about yourself and where your values lie. Because of this transformation, don’t be surprised if you find yourself outgrowing certain situations and personal relationships. Look into philanthropic activities and meet-ups where you cultivate some new friendships.

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Aquarius: The Hermit Reversed

Feeling lonely, Aquarius? We all know you love your alone time, but too much time spent in your own head can be dizzying as you start overthinking everything! Make plans with friends for this weekend so you have something fun to look forward to at the end of the week.

Pisces: Two of Wands Reversed

Go for it, Pisces! Self-doubt is causing you to play small right now, but this week’s energy urges you to cut that out! Steering clear of making a bold move might make you feel like you are avoiding potential risk. What if, instead of expecting failure, you remain hopeful for a win?