Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 17–23, 2022: Time for a Vibe Check!

July 17, 2022

It’s all about balance this week as our intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind us to be more mindful of our energy. Pay attention to your surroundings and how you feel. Notice the people you feel at ease with versus the ones who are more exhausting. Every moment is an opportunity to consciously redirect your energy.

Read this week’s Tarotscopes with guidance to create a more healing sense of equilibrium in your auric field. 

Aries: Five of Cups

Not everything goes as planned, Aries, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and give up. Perhaps this change of events is simply an opportunity to try a novel approach. Get creative and make this snafu work in your favor! 

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Taurus: Two of Pentacles

It’s all about balance, Taurus. Time management is key this week as you honor your commitments without getting totally overwhelmed. Remember that not everything has to be given the weight and attention of top priority, and you will be able to handle all of your tasks and dates with aplomb.  

Gemini: Two of Wands

Proceed with caution, Gemini. Patience hasn’t been easy for you lately, leaving you chomping at the bit to make a major move, but it would be best to resist the temptation to dive into the next endeavor without a clear-cut plan laid out. Take some more to think this through before making any binding decisions.

Cancer: Six of Cups Reversed

Craving the sweetness of nostalgia, Cancer? Travel back in time easily by revisiting your favorite moments from your childhood via cherished tv shows and movies from the past. It will be even more fun if you share these classic gems with a younger friend or family member as a sentimental hang that brings you closer together.

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Leo: Knight of Swords

Consider the other side, Leo. In order to make progress this week, you need to open your mind up to other perspectives, including views that may feel like the polar opposite of your stance. Engaging in a healthy, respectful debate (with a sweet side of humor!) will give your mind the wake-up call you desire.

Virgo: The Hermit

Pull back, Virgo. You are in need of some major rest and relaxation this week! Instead of devoting all of your energy to others’ needs, it’s time to prioritize your own self-care. Put your phone away and indulge in a little digital detox as you connect to nature in some much-needed peace and quiet.

Libra: Seven of Pentacles

Celebrate your progress, Libra. Lately, you have been so focused on what you haven’t yet accomplished that it’s been challenging to see all of your achievements thus far. Still, this week brings undeniable reminders of all of the delicious rewards at your fingertips already due to your devotion to making your dreams come true. Savor the sweetness before continuing to push ahead! 

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Scorpio: Ace of Swords

Inspiration is here, Scorpio! That creative burst you have been hoping for has arrived, and your world is radiating in vibrant technicolor. Harness this energy by brazenly trying a new form of self-expression. Who knows, you might tap into a previously unknown hidden talent!

Sagittarius: Three of Pentacles

You can’t do it all, Sagittarius. No one expects you to be perfect at everything, so why have you been so hard on yourself lately? Ask for help with the tasks you need to accomplish that are outside of your wheelhouse in order to save your energy for where it can be better utilized.

Capricorn: Page of Pentacles

So much to do, so little time, Capricorn! You have a lot going on right now. So get yourself organized early in the week so you can stay laser-focused on the tasks at hand. Checking off items on your to-do list, even the boring items, feels especially satisfying as everything brings you closer to accomplishing your larger dreams.

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Aquarius: The Hierophant

Do what’s expected of you, Aquarius. Your rebellious spirit wants to buck conventions this week and do something completely unexpected right now, especially when it comes to your professional life. Save the theatrics and visionary creativity for another venue because everyone just wants to buckle down and get the work finished as quickly as possible. Don’t make waves. 

Pisces: Queen of Cups

Don’t bury your feelings, Pisces. A lot of emotions are swirling through your heart right now, leaving you feeling extra sensitive this week. Don’t be afraid to open up to your loved ones right now and share what’s really going on rather than bottling everything up until you explode.