Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 2, 2023: Craft Your Dream Life!

July 1, 2023

Our week begins with Monday’s super full moon in Capricorn, bringing a heavy dose of practicality, structure, and discipline to our dreamy desires for success. It’s one thing to want something, but it’s a whole thing to make it happen. This is your opportunity to plan how you will invest your time and energy to create the life you want to live. It might take some time, as most good things do, but it will be worth your investment.

Our intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight this slow and steady energy with reminders to be cautious and measured, slow and steady, and manage our time wisely so we can glean the rewards we have been dreaming of! 

Read on for your Tarotscopes for cosmic wisdom and guidance into the week ahead!

Aries: The Moon

Be cautious, Aries. Your current situation is not exactly what it seems, so take your time as you consider your approach and next moves. This could be a “too good to be true” scenario. Temper your excitement with a heavy dose of practicality. It’s the only way to notice the potential red flags.

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Taurus: Seven of Pentacles

Put in the work, Taurus. Don’t lose hope just because it’s taking time to see the results you desire. Slow and steady will win this race, and you just need to keep toiling away to get to where you want to go. Be sure to honor your progress and small victories along the way in order to stay motivated.

Gemini: Ace of Wands

Go for it, Gemini. A new opportunity has presented itself to you, and you must strike while the iron is hot! Now is the time to follow your passions, so if it feels inspiring (and it looks like it does!), that’s all you need to know to dive in.

Cancer: Five of Swords

Confront it, Cancer. This sticky situation will not go away on its own, so it’s in your best interest to just be direct and handle it before further resentment builds up. Try to remember that no one is a mind reader. Sometimes people don’t realize they did something that upset you. 

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Leo: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Has the spark gone out, Leo? What once felt so exciting may now have lost its luster with the passing of time. It’s not unusual, and it’s not even an indication that anything is wrong! Step away for a moment and consider your initial aspirations that ignited your interest in the first place in order to reclaim your interest.

Virgo: Ten of Cups Reversed

Make your world more magical, Virgo. Life doesn’t have to be so basic and bare bones, so shake yourself out of the mundane by making your world a little more colorful. Get yourself some beautiful flowers! They may not be a necessity, but they do make your home feel prettier and provide a lovely reminder that you deserve something special just because!

Libra: The Devil

Let it go, Libra. You know that toxic habit you just can’t seem to quit? Now would be a lovely time to finally face it and take steps to make better choices. Break free from its hold on you and make a significant change for your own well-being! You don’t need this, and you have outgrown it.

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Scorpio: Queen of Cups Reversed

Pull back, Scorpio. Does it feel like you have been taking care of literally everyone else except yourself lately? If you continue to overgive your time and energy this way, you will be completely depleted and worn out. Stop focusing on others’ needs and satisfy your own this week.

Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles

Manage your time wisely, Sagittarius. You have reached a good flow this week as you balance your responsibilities and ensure that all your priorities are in check. Since everything feels good, it might be tempting to try to take on more, but that would be ill-advised. Manage what you have and save your energy.

Capricorn: The Star

Get your hopes up, Capricorn. Something wonderful has come your way, and now is the time to allow yourself to enjoy it fully. Try not to get so caught up in what could go wrong or how something didn’t work in the past because this is a completely new experience. Yes, it can be this good!

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Aquarius: Three of Cups Reversed

Stay in, Aquarius. Don’t let the fear of missing out trick you into thinking you need to accept every invite that comes your way right now. If you don’t want to go, don’t go! You could use a little extra alone time to chill out and decompress anyway.

Pisces: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Feeling stuck, Pisces? If you feel like you are falling into the same patterns over and over again, then there is no time like the present to make a concerted effort to let go of the same old and make a significant change. See what happens when you take a completely novel approach.