Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 26 to August 1, 2021: It’s Time to Make Your Dreams Come True!

July 26, 2021

This week, your Tarot reading for July 26 reflects that everything is cosmically falling into place and the time is aligning with new possibilities. The desires from the past for what could have been and the opportunities that we had hoped for but never quite worked out are coming back around. This is a time for second chances to make something finally happen, so believe in yourself and your abilities. Confidence will take you far this week in manifesting your dreams into reality!

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Aries: Six of Cups Reversed

Sometimes it’s best to just leave the past in the past, Aries. Just because someone you used to know comes knocking, it does not mean you have to answer the door and let them in. Enjoy the sweet memories without going backwards by letting them come back into your life so easily.

Taurus: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Shake off the boredom, Taurus. The repetition of your usual routine used to bring comfort, but right now it is just lackluster and monotonous. Don’t get stuck in a rut! Instead, start your week by planning a new activity to try or something novel to engage in each day. 

Gemini: The Chariot Reversed

Give yourself permission to let go, Gemini. It’s time to get real with yourself as far as what you can control and what you simply cannot. If something is beyond your grasp, let it go, and focus on what you truly can change in order to improve your current situation.

Cancer: Two of Pentacles

Your weekly Tarot reading for July 26 advises you to manage your time wisely, Cancer. Both your professional and personal life are requiring a lot of your energy and attention this week. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to be in two places at once? Since picking and choosing where to place your focus constantly can become exhausting, be sure to save enough space for rest.

Leo: Eight of Wands Reversed

Slow down, Leo! Before rushing ahead into your next adventure, it’s important that you take time to create a proper plan. How will you know where to go if you leave your map at home? A designated route is crucial for you to take this next step.

Virgo: King of Swords

Your weekly Tarot reading for July 26 wants you to remain impartial, Virgo. Before making a judgement call, you must gather more of the facts surrounding your current situation. Everything will unfold as the week continues so stay neutral while taking all of the time you need processing and proceeding with a final decision.

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Libra: The Empress Reversed

Make your self-care a priority, Libra! How do you expect to get inspired and stay motivated when you are so emotionally drained?! Stop neglecting your own needs and make this week all about resting, recharging, and rejuvenating. Take time to pamper yourself to refill your energetic cup and get into a more creative mindset.

Scorpio: Page of Wands

Get excited about the possibilities, Scorpio! You are being called to strike out on your own and embark upon a new journey. There might be a little apprehension since you do not have a fully formulated plan just yet—but do not let that hold you back! The path will become clearer once you dive deeper into the potential.

Sagittarius: The Devil Reversed

What is holding you back, Sagittarius? Is it the fear of failure, or is it more the fear of success? The only one keeping you from moving forward into your full potential is you, so be kinder to yourself and believe in your own abilities. Don’t be afraid to accept this new challenge.

Capricorn: Strength Reversed

Do not let a recent challenge shake your confidence, Capricorn. Everything has been tougher than usual lately, but you still have the ability to handle any curveball thrown your way. Take a break to reassess your situation and regroup in order to find a reasonable solution to solve your current issue.

Aquarius: Judgement

It’s time to level up, Aquarius! Have you been secretly hoping for a promotion or simply yearning for the next challenge to check off of your bucket list? Now is the time to make it happen! Make it known to others that you are up for the task, and then follow through on your promises.

Pisces: Queen of Wands

Put yourself out there, Pisces. Staying busy and social is really fueling your creative fires right now. Reach out and reconnect to people from your past who you have always wanted to work with but the timing had never felt right. Everything is more aligned now to make some major magic happen!