Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 3–9, 2022: Road Blocks Ahead!

July 3, 2022

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards point to a lack of focus, unexpected obstacles, and an overall sense of frustration as the momentum of our situations grinds to what feels like a supposed halt.

The best way to handle the desire for distraction or even just a general spacey mindset? Slow down and take a break! Use this time to relax, be in nature, and seek inspiration before everything gets moving and grooving again.

Read on for your Tarotscopes for further guidance in the week ahead.

Aries: The Hermit Reversed

Don’t be shy, Aries! You bring a valuable perspective with wise insight to the table, and so many people can benefit from your knowledge. When it comes to work situations this week, don’t hold back from participating in group discussions because your experience highlights aspects others would have previously missed shaping current projects for the better.

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Taurus: Death Reversed

Embrace change, Taurus. Major changes aren’t easy for you, but this week is all about easing into the transitions you need to make right now. Being stubborn or pretending like it isn’t happening will only make this shift more challenging! Show yourself some extra TLC as you make some new moves.

Gemini: The Lovers Reversed

Have fun, Gemini! This week brings the reminder that there is so much to life than just toiling away and working hard. Make more space for personal time and reconnect with the friends who have fallen through the cracks. A long phone call or a casual coffee date will bring you right back together.

Cancer: Nine of Cups

Make a wish, Cancer! This is an auspicious week for you. So if you can dream it, you can make it happen by focusing your energy on whatever you desire. Don’t hold yourself back from going full force on this intention because whatever you make a priority now will be a raging success soon!

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Leo: Page of Swords

Think before you speak, Leo. Notice if the situations you find yourself in this week actually need your opinions before you chime in or if it might be best for you to just reflect and listen. When it comes to opportunities for gossip, just steer clear and stay out of it.

Virgo: The World Reversed

Don’t give up yet, Virgo. Just because the momentum has slowed down does not mean that your plans have come to a complete halt. To see some results, you are going to need to try something different this week. Get a little creative in order to reignite the spark and get everything moving again. 

Libra: The Moon Reversed

You know exactly what you need to do, Libra. Everything might feel a little hazy, but don’t let the obscure view lead you astray. Consulting with others for their perspectives will only cause more confusion this week. Pay attention to your own inner wisdom, and let your intuition guide you. 

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Scorpio: Seven of Swords

Resist the temptation to ghost, Scorpio. A situation has gotten a little too hot and now you are looking for the secret exit in order to plan your escape route. However, it’s a far better idea to confront the conflict head-on rather than backing away slowly and quietly.

Sagittarius: The Chariot Reversed

Keep going, Sagittarius. It feels as if there has been a dead-end at every turn on your cosmic path lately. Instead of getting frustrated and abandoning the ship, take a moment to just breathe and collect your thoughts before forging ahead on a new route. Have faith that you will eventually get where you need to, even if the journey takes a little longer.

Capricorn: Ace of Wands Reversed

Quit procrastinating, Capricorn! Putting off those tasks you know you need to start is not creating more anticipation and anxiety than necessary. What are you waiting for? Get organized, revamp your to-do list, and get started on what must be done. You will feel so much better once you get rolling.

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Aquarius: Knight of Swords Reversed

Refocus, Aquarius. A lack of direction has you working harder (not smarter!) this week and causing you to unnecessarily focus on things that really don’t matter. Since you have been so busy looking over here instead of over there, you could be missing out on something that really needs your attention.

Pisces: Eight of Cups Reversed

Feeling stuck, Pisces? It’s time to make a major change, and you know it. So this is your cosmic reminder that you deserve better than what you are currently getting. Don’t be afraid to leave something behind in favor of something better.