Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 30 to August 5, 2023: Trust the Process.

July 29, 2023

August begins with the first of two super moons we will experience this month, making this an extra special and extra powerful lunar portal. Super moons light up the sky in a way that appears bigger and brighter than usual. This also means you may be feeling the power of this lunation for a few days before and after the moon is at its peak of magic.

The sun is in confident Leo, and the moon will rise in visionary Aquarius, creating an auspicious time to consider what feels particularly important to us right now and how to express this unique perspective through manifesting our dreams and communicating with those around us. It’s also a wonderful moment to express our gratitude for everything we have accomplished and appreciate our abundance to set the stage for everything yet to come.

Our intuitively pulled Tarot cards synergistically reflect this energy with the collective reminder to slow down to honor our progress and open our hearts to infinite possibilities. Don’t lose sight of the inherent magic of the process by being unkind to yourself or expecting the worst. Remember that it’s always just as likely that something could be a complete success rather than an utter failure. This is a lovely week to enjoy the moment and take your time to savor every step as it unfolds.

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes with guidance to support your week ahead.

Aries: Page of Swords

Be open to the possibilities, Aries. Your next endeavor hasn’t fully formed just yet, and that isn’t a bad thing. Enjoy this moment of exploration, and don’t try to force it into being something it’s not. It’s totally ok not to know what this is or where it’s going, so just let everything play out and go in whatever direction it needs to go.

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Taurus: The Fool

Take a chance, Taurus. You will never know what could happen unless you just go for it! When an exciting opportunity like this one comes your way, it would be such a shame to let it slip past because you’re afraid of how it all could play out. Sometimes it’s nice to be surprised by how incredible everything can turn out.

Gemini: The Chariot Reversed

Silence your inner critic, Gemini. If you speak to yourself in such a debilitating, defeating, and flat-out harsh way, finding the motivation to accomplish your goals will be challenging. It’s time to be nicer to yourself. Sweep away the self-doubt and fear of failure because it only holds you back from your potential success.

Cancer: Ten of Swords Reversed

Pull yourself together, Cancer. The emotional storm has subsided, and now it’s up to you to pick yourself up and move forward after an intense period of drama. Rest assured that the worst is over; now it’s all about recovering and taking care of yourself. Take it easy this week.

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Leo: Temperance

Avoid extremes, Leo. Not everything has to be such a thing, and it looks like the best move to make this week is no move at all. Take your time to create a solid balance by observing and listening, but if it doesn’t involve you or needs your opinion, just stay out of it.

Virgo: Ace of Cups

Open your heart, Virgo. This is not the time to hold back on expressing how you feel. After all, no one is a mind reader, so how will anyone know what you’re thinking if you don’t speak up and share generously? Don’t doubt yourself or your situation. It really could be as good as you hoped.

Libra: The Empress

Stay home, Libra. All those domestic chores that have fallen by the wayside need to be done, but they won’t take care of themselves! Decline all the social invites and stay in so you can focus on dressing your nest and sprucing everything up. It will feel so nice to take care of yourself and make your domain cozier.

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Scorpio: Ace of Wands Reversed

Make a change, Scorpio. Feelings of dissatisfaction are catching up to you as it really sinks in where dynamics just aren’t working. You can’t sit around passively waiting for everything to get better. This is your opportunity to make different choices that greatly improve your current situation. Don’t wait any longer.

Sagittarius: Seven of Pentacles

Review your progress, Sagittarius. When was the last time you took a solid moment to check in on your big plans and notice how far you have come? If you stay focused on what you haven’t accomplished yet, it can be rather challenging to stay motivated to move ahead. Use this week to celebrate all of your wins so far.

Capricorn: Eight of Cups

Take a breather, Capricorn. It isn’t easy to gain the clarity you seek when you’re so invested in your current situation. You need a break! Whatever it is you’re focused on, put it down for it a bit and put your attention elsewhere. It’s the best way to emotionally detach and gain that much-needed fresh perspective.

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Aquarius: The Sun Reversed

Enjoy some time off, Aquarius. There is so much more to life than work, obligations, errands, and chores, but it’s easy to forget that when you are so bogged down by all of your responsibilities. You could greatly benefit from a much-needed break and some frivolous fun this week to reset your mind and refresh your spirit. Make it a priority!

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles

Take your time, Pisces. Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic expectations and timelines that cannot be reasonably met now. It’s far better to focus on being methodical and thinking everything through instead of rushing into something without a thoroughly crafted plan. There’s no rush; patience is key to getting the best results.