Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 11, 2023: Just Keep Swimming.

June 10, 2023

Have you faced some obstacles lately, or have you been feeling frustrated after a series of missteps or situations just not going according to the plan you had hoped for?

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards offer a fresh perspective and a glimmer of hope with a reminder to try something new, attempt to see the positive sides, and just keep going. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall or why you even fell in the first place because what’s truly important is that you get back up and try again. Consider what the mistakes have taught you and use this as inspiration to take a different view and a novel approach. You can’t expect different results if you do the same old thing over and over again anyway!

We close out our week with a new moon in Gemini, a lovely time to be curious about new endeavors, see situations from a new angle, and put new ideas out into the universe! Put your recent lessons and experiences into practice and potentially lead you down an unexpected path. Something wildly wonderful could spark a newfound interest at this time!

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance and insight into the week ahead.

Aries: Five of Cups

Try not to focus on the negative, Aries. Everything certainly did not go as planned or even as you had hoped, so now what? You could continue to zoom in on the mistakes that were made and how everything went wrong, or you could choose to see this as a valuable learning experience. A silver lining can always be found.

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Taurus: Strength Reversed

Don’t doubt yourself, Taurus. A few setbacks shouldn’t deter you from your path. We all face obstacles sometimes. We all get knocked down, but what truly matters is how we get back up. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Take a new approach and try again.

Gemini: Queen of Swords

Be honest, Gemini. If something isn’t working for you in your current dynamic with someone, you must let them know how you feel. It’s time to center your own needs and well-being here, but no one is a mind reader. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by speaking up and being very clear, especially regarding your limits and boundaries.

Cancer: The World Reversed

Finish what you started, Cancer. Maybe you’re over it and ready for whatever you have been working on just to be done already, but you can’t walk away just yet. You might be frustrated, tired, and burnt out, but this needs one final push. Tie up the loose ends so you can truly move on and not look back.

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Leo: Eight of Cups

Take a break, Leo. You aren’t going to make any headway here if you continue to stew and ruminate over the possibilities of your current situation. How can you gain any clarity when you’re so consumed by this mess? Step away for a few days and trust that you can put this on the back burner while you focus your attention elsewhere.

Virgo: The Hermit

Be your own guide, Virgo. Everyone means well when they offer their insights and advice regarding your current predicament, but is it actually helpful to hear so many conflicting opinions? (No, it’s not!) Step away from the situation and do a little soul-searching on your own this week to find the answers you’re seeking.

Libra: Nine of Wands

Keep going, Libra. The past few weeks have felt like an uphill battle of endless obstacles, so it’s no surprise if you’re feeling exhausted and uninspired at this point. Don’t lose hope; this is all a part of the process. You’re so close to success; it would be such a shame to give up now! Take a break to rest and gather up your strength for one final push forward.

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Scorpio: Queen of Wands

Confidence is key, Scorpio. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to fulfill your heart’s desires. Others will follow suit when you lead the way and believe in yourself wholeheartedly. This is the week to make a bold move in order to go after what you want. What are you waiting for anyway? Don’t hold yourself back.

Sagittarius: Eight of Swords Reversed

Release your expectations, Sagittarius. You need to take on a fresh perspective to stop feeling so stuck in your current situation. What if you saw this moment as a creative opportunity rather than a heavy burden? This shift is the key component to freeing yourself from the unnecessary stress you’ve been experiencing lately.

Capricorn: Two of Wands Reversed

What’s your hesitation, Capricorn? This week offers an opportunity to examine whatever is holding you back from making your next move. It’s understandable to fear the unknown, but it’s not a reasonable excuse to play it safe. Don’t hold yourself back any longer; it’s time to go for it!

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Aquarius: The Chariot

Stay focused, Aquarius. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to — as long as you don’t let yourself get distracted by every little thing this week. You know exactly what you need to do, so just buckle down and get to it! Relief will come once this is completed.

Pisces: Three of Cups

Enjoy yourself, Pisces. You need to lighten up, and the best way to do that this week is just to have some fun with your friends! Make it a priority to take some time off and spend it with someone you care about. Sometimes the solution you need doesn’t always have to be so deep or so complicated.