Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 12–18, 2022: Dare to Dream!

June 12, 2022

This week ushers in a magical opportunity to set new intentions as we welcome the Strawberry Supermoon on June 14.

As everything is ripening and blossoming, our intuitively pulled Tarot cards align with this current lunation and present an energy that is adventurous, inspiring, and expansive, encouraging us to remove any blocks keeping us from dreaming up our greatest dreams and putting our most major plans into action for the upcoming season.

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes to seek guidance on how to harness this energy to feel your most fearless and create your boldest transformations.

Aries: Four of Pentacles Reversed

Be more fiscally responsible, Aries. Spending money mindlessly is beginning to catch up with you as all of these little purchases begin to majorly add up. Do you really need to subscribe to four streaming services? This is an aligned time to reel it in and reassess where your money is going so you can start saving.

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Taurus: Two of Wands Reversed

Stop overanalyzing everything, Taurus. You are on the precipice of something great, but fear seems to be getting in the way of going after what you want. Do you really to keep going over your plans obsessively and considering all of the possible ways it could go wrong? Reality check: tweaking the fine details is just a distraction! It’s time to just take action and start already.

Gemini: Ten of Swords

Lay low, Gemini. Your current circumstances feel a bit unpredictable at the moment so let the storm pass before you make any major decisions or bold moves. Focus on taking care of yourself and have faith that everything will work itself out as it should. Trust the process as everything unfolds.

Cancer: Six of Cups Reversed

Learn from your mistakes, Cancer. The energy of this week has you looking to the past and harping on your choices rather than straight ahead to the inspiration of your future. Stop beating yourself up for what’s already happened. Instead, take the wisdom you have learned from these experiences and let them inform your next moves.

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Leo: Three of Wands Reversed

Dream bigger, Leo! What’s standing in your way from truly shining? Don’t let fear hold you back because this is your moment to really shine and stretch beyond your comfort zone. Now is not the time to play small or to limit yourself from reaching your grandest potential. Go for it!

Virgo: Three of Cups Reversed

Indulge in your alone time, Virgo. If you need more time for yourself this week then by all means make it a point to take it! A little solitude will help you rebalance and recharge after the abundance of socializing and work you have been doing lately. It’s time to just chill!

Libra: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

See it through, Libra! Instead of getting bored and abandoning your projects halfway through the quest, invoke a little self-discipline to seek greater follow-through this week. Just because you feel stuck, it does not mean you should give up! Create a routine and stick to it until you complete your tasks.

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Scorpio: Four of Wands Reversed

Take the next step, Scorpio. The protective walls you have erected in order to keep yourself safe are affecting the quality of your most personal relationships. How can you progress if you don’t let people in? Allow yourself to be more vulnerable to deepen your connections this week.  

Sagittarius: Justice Reversed

Take action, Sagittarius. Have you unintentionally hurt someone through miscommunication or a lack of awareness as to how what you did was interpreted by another party? As this situation comes to light, this week calls for some major accountability on your part. Own what you did and make some apologies.

Capricorn: Eight of Cups

Let’s get real, Capricorn. It is incredibly disappointing that some situations just don’t work out as we had hoped they would. Instead of wishing for everything to magically get better, it is time to take matters into your own hands and make a major change. Let go and move on to something new.

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Aquarius: Four of Cups Reversed

Stay in, Aquarius! An abundance of invitations are coming in to request your presence at parties and dinners out, but it’s totally ok if you are not in a social mood. Right now feels like a time to be at home and stick to your own timetable so don’t push yourself to go beyond your energetic capacity.

Pisces: The Moon

Proceed with caution, Pisces. At this time, not everything is quite as it seems so it would be in your best interest to not commit to anything too deeply until more information is revealed. Let everything unfold this week and you’ll know exactly what to do as the details become clearer.