Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 19–26, 2022: Summer Lovin’ for the Solstice

June 19, 2022

The seasons are changing again. This week brings the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere as we celebrate the longest day of the year and the magic of the sun. Get outside, stay up all night, and gather with friends to indulge in the solar energy and welcome this phase of the wheel of the year.

Check in on your intentions from the previous season, honor your progress so far, and check out this week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards with guidance to set your new intentions accordingly.

Aries: Four of Swords Reversed

Calm your mind, Aries. Take a much-needed break and indulge in a mental reset by doing a digital detox and leaving your phone at home more. The peace you are seeking can be found through slow strolls through nature, not endlessly scrolling the gram! 

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Taurus: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Cut your losses, Taurus. Even though you have put in an immense amount of effort, your recent endeavor continues to hit immensely frustrating roadblocks. Take this as a sign from the universe to call it quits before you put in more of your precious time and focus your energy elsewhere.

Gemini: Strength Reversed

Be kind to yourself, Gemini. Don’t let a recent setback knock you down or shake your confidence in your abilities. Instead of focusing on your failures and mistakes, think about your wins to give a much-needed boost to your self-esteem. This moment is only temporary, and this too shall pass.

Cancer: Page of Wands

Fortune favors the bold, Cancer. The odds are in your favor for success this week if you act fearlessly and just go for it. Being spontaneous might not feel aligned with your usual nature, but if you want to make something major happen right now, you are going to need to take a big swing!

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Leo: The Emperor Reversed

Lean into flexibility, Leo. You might have made a plan, but nothing seems to be going the way that you expected. Bend the rules! Try a different way because being so rigid is only working against you and causing more frustrations for yourself. Going with the flow this week will lead you somewhere far better than you initially imagined!

Virgo: Eight of Swords

Stop overthinking, Virgo. Some situations and the actions of others have nothing to do with you, and that is the frustration you are currently facing. This moment isn’t personal. Rest assured that the lack of communication is not about you right now. Get outside! Get moving! Get going! Switch up your focus elsewhere so you can get out of your own head this week.

Libra: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Ask for assistance, Libra. The change of seasons is putting you in the mood for play rather than work this week, but deadlines are still looming over you! If you are feeling overwhelmed by your tasks, get some help so you can get it all done early and take a long weekend to refresh your mind.

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Scorpio: The Moon Reversed

How are you feeling, Scorpio? Life is moving pretty fast, and a lot of changes are coming your way, leaving you feeling dizzy and slightly overwhelmed. Be sure to press pause in order to catch your breath and get grounded before continuing to dive into the unknown of what lays ahead.

Sagittarius: Five of Cups

Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, Sagittarius. It can be challenging to let go of the expectations and the fantasies of what could have been. But it is time to move forward and on from this situation. You have learned a lot from this experience, even if the ending was disappointing.

Capricorn: Five of Swords Reversed

Forgive and forget, Capricorn. If you want to move past the current conflict you have found yourself stuck in the middle of, you are going to have to release your stubborn tendencies and be the bigger person. Apologize for your part in this disagreement so you both can move on. This is not worth the additional stress it has been causing you.

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Aquarius: The World Reversed

Stay the course, Aquarius. Just because you are not seeing the results you want just yet, it does not mean that you should give up on your hopes and dreams! Your progress isn’t halted, but the news you have been waiting on is taking a little longer than you would like right now. Be patient.

Pisces: The Chariot

Buckle down and get to work, Pisces! The momentum is picking up in your professional life this week, so limit distractions and stay focused on what needs to be done. With a heavy dose of determination, you will be able to power through and make major strides towards accomplishing your biggest goals.