Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 4, 2023: Out With the Old!

June 3, 2023

We closed our last week with a full moon. Now we are feeling the aftereffects of anything that may have been illuminated during that lunation. Make the most of this newfound information and good energy by putting it into your summer intentions. However, don’t be surprised if a spirit of adventure and spontaneity to try something new has come through! It’s a lovely time to shake up your old routine.

Our intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight a collective need to center our own self-care and honor our desires. Show yourself some love, and stop being so harsh towards yourself! Let it go; that mentality is not doing you any favors.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance into your week ahead!

Aries: The Sun

It really can be this good, Aries. Have you noticed everything that has been going your way lately? Life can be this sweet, especially when you take the time to reflect on all the accomplishments and achievements you have made that make you feel this content. Make a point to enjoy it all fully this week.

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Taurus: The Star Reversed

Change it up, Taurus! Feeling tired of the same old, same old? It’s time to try something wildly different and completely out of your ordinary routine as an abundant source of fresh inspiration. A novel experience will give you just the boost you have been craving and offer a helpful new perspective.

Gemini: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Feeling overwhelmed, Gemini? It looks like you have taken on more than you can handle right now, and the stress is catching up to you. You must put yourself first and cut back on your obligations before you create even more chaos in your life. It’s ok to set a limit.

Cancer: Queen of Swords

Choose your words wisely, Cancer. You may just want to help, but not everyone who vents to you is seeking advice yet. Criticism may be constructive, but it can also be taken the wrong way. Read the room carefully before opening your mouth in order to avoid unnecessarily hurt feelings.

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Leo: Queen of Cups

Do something just for you, Leo. It’s been all about everyone else lately as you tend to the needs of others, but when was the last time you centered your own needs? What would you do if you could spend the day doing anything you desired? Bring that into your plans and show yourself some extra love this week.

Virgo: Page of Swords

Speak it out loud, Virgo. If you want to make something major happen, and you assuredly do, don’t keep it to yourself! If you’re excited about launching something or feeling passionately about something new, share it with everyone you come into contact with this week. Your enthusiasm is infectious and brings your plans to life!

Libra: Five of Cups Reversed

Pick up the pieces, Libra. After a major disappointment, it’s time to gather yourself together and reflect on what you have learned from this situation gone awry. Think of this as a valuable learning experience as you notice what you could do differently so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

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Scorpio: Two Swords Reversed

This way or that way, Scorpio? You have been here before at this current crossroads. The path seems straight, but nothing changes as you loop de loop back to the beginning. Do you really need to go on this ride again when you already know exactly where it takes you? Do yourself a favor and try something different.

Sagittarius: Three of Swords Reversed

Let it go, Sagittarius. What’s the point of holding onto something that only brings you pain? There are only so many times that you can repair something before it takes too much of a toll on you. It’s time to face reality: this situation no longer serves you, so give yourself the gift of moving on.

Capricorn: Wheel of Fortune Reversed

It’s beyond your control, Capricorn. Expect the unexpected when your recent progress grinds to a shrieking halt this week. In the grand scheme of life, it’s not that big of a deal, but it is rather frustrating. This is temporary, so just roll with it until everything picks back up.

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Aquarius: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Keep your priorities straight, Aquarius. Expect anything and everything to be vying for your attention right now, as distractions will be abundant this week! Sometimes it’s nice to have a little diversion, but if you really need to meet a deadline, keep that in your focus until your work is complete.

Pisces: Judgment Reversed

Stop doubting yourself, Pisces. It’s not as bad as it seems right now. Don’t let your harsh inner critic win this round. You might have made some mistakes, but everyone does sometimes! This is not an epic failure. It’s merely a stumbling block on the road to success. Try again!