Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 5–11, 2022: Full Steam Ahead!

June 5, 2022

Stop looking backward, and set your sights on what is yet to come! This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards show an energetic shift with swift momentum coming through. Don’t be surprised if the news you have been waiting for finally comes through, setting life-changing plans into motion. All of the missing pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place. Hold on, it’s full steam ahead!

Read on for your Tarotscopes for guidance as you set your new moon intentions.

Aries: Temperance Reversed

Seek stability, Aries. Notice which parts of your life are feeling out of balance this week and focus on what you can do to lessen the anxiety these disparities bring up. If you have been overcommitting yourself to too many obligations lately, this is a good time to renege and recalibrate your energy.

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Taurus: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Reassess your priorities, Taurus, Try as you might, you just cannot do it all, and this week brings a pummeling reminder of just that. Save your energy only for the absolute necessities so you can give those tasks your full attention without completely burning out.

Gemini: Six of Wands Reversed

Trust your own judgment, Gemini. Lately, you have been feeling a little unsure as to your next move because you have been tuning in to the opinions of others more than you have been listening to your own intuition. Don’t doubt yourself so much! You know exactly what to do next.

Cancer: Four of Cups

Feeling bored, Cancer? It’s time to pull yourself out of this stagnant, tired rut you are finding yourself in this week. Being a little more impulsive will do you some good so change things up and do something totally unexpected! Getting out of your usual routine will give you the spark you have been searching for. 

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Leo: The Sun

Shine brightly, Leo! After a major personal win, your confidence is soaring and it is time to revel in celebration! Everyone wants to be around you and toast your success so live it up this week! Enjoy yourself and make the most out of this momentous occasion.

Virgo: Six of Cups Reversed

Look ahead, Virgo. This week finds you looking backward rather than moving forward into the future. It’s lovely to reminisce but take the rose-colored glasses off before you get stuck in wishful thinking or softening the lens on what used to be! Sometimes the past should just remain a memory so you can focus more on what is yet to come.

Libra: The Chariot Reversed

Make a move, Libra! A recent setback has knocked you a bit off track, but this should really be treated only as a minor disappointment, not a total roadblock! Don’t just sit there, do something! You can still pick up where you left off, but try taking a different direction this time around.

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Scorpio: Queen of Cups Reversed

Don’t hold back how you feel, Scorpio. Putting on a tough exterior and pretending everything is ok is really taking a toll on you and your well-being. Be honest about the turbulence of your emotions and let those closest to you know more about what you have been going through lately.

 Sagittarius: Eight of Wands

Full speed ahead, Sagittarius! The news you have been waiting for will finally arrive this week setting a new chapter into motion. This is the change in direction you have been hoping for so lean in fully and see where this swift momentum takes you! 

Capricorn: Seven of Swords

Be direct, Capricorn. It might feel like you need to resort to manipulative tactics to get what you want right now, but bending the truth or being sneaky will just lead to more of a mess than you really need to get into. Just ask for what you need and avoid unnecessary drama.

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Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Get out of your own way, Aquarius. You know the changes that must be made right now to reach your biggest goals, but you find yourself being rather resistant to what must be let go of in order to make these dreams come true. Don’t let the fear of actual success hold you back any longer. 

Pisces: Five of Swords

Adjust your expectations, Pisces. Be more realistic with how you anticipate others will respond to your timelines this week. As it stands right now, no one can possibly meet your demands, and you are just setting yourself up for major disappointment. If you’re more accommodating and understanding, everyone will rise to the occasion amicably.