Your Weekly Tarot Reading for March 27 to April 1, 2023: Refocus and Recommit!

March 26, 2023

Have you been feeling a little sluggish, a little uninspired, or unaware of where exactly your focus should be? Well, all that is about to change, according to this week’s collectively pulled Tarot cards. A boost of motivation to stop procrastinating and finish what we started is on the menu. 

The start of a new month is a lovely time to get back on track with the goals you had previously abandoned in favor of something else or for whatever reason. Where do you wish to invest your time and energy? Let those desires lead the way to refocus and recommit to your intentions free of distractions!

Read on for your Tarotscopes imbued with cosmic insight into your week ahead.

Aries: The Chariot

Limit your distractions, Aries. This week requires intense focus and incredible determination in order to accomplish everything you are setting out to do! Be aware of energy vampires and silly time wasters that could throw you off course. It’s more than ok to be ruthless with your boundaries until you reach the finish line.

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Taurus: Eight of Swords

Shift your mindset, Taurus. This week, an unexpected setback might appear to complicate your plans, but there is no need to give up on your endeavors. Remain open-minded and adopt a positive attitude to view this moment as simply an opportunity to get creative and try out a new system. Who knows? It could be better than your original idea.

Gemini: Seven of Pentacles

Good things take time, Gemini. Even though it might feel like it’s taking forever for a highly desired dream to come to fruition, let’s not abandon hope or give up just yet! This situation will require some patience. In the meantime, notice how far you have come and all the progress you’ve made to stay motivated. 

Cancer: Two of Pentacles

What’s the rush, Cancer? Before making any major commitments this week, give yourself the space to consider the options and weigh the pros and cons carefully. This opportunity doesn’t require an immediate response anyway, so take your time before responding. Remember how precious your energy is and act accordingly. 

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Leo: The Sun

Express your gratitude, Leo. It’s easy to get caught up in everything that has gone wrong, but at the same time, have you noticed everything that is actually going well? Spend time this week consciously counting your blessings and notice how much better you feel with a more optimistic outlook. 

Virgo: The Moon

Listen to your intuition, Virgo. It’s lovely to see the best in people and to take an optimistic point of view on a new opportunity. However, if something doesn’t feel right or exactly as it seems, you must pay attention to that feeling. Don’t ignore the potential red flags.

Libra: Queen of Pentacles

Get your head out of the clouds, Libra. Enough with the wishful thinking; this week, it’s time to stop dreaming and start taking some action with a practical, grounded approach. Don’t make this a bigger deal than it needs to be. Sometimes the answer really is simple, so use your common sense.

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Scorpio: The World Reversed

Finish what you started, Scorpio. It’s time to face the music and deal with the stressful tasks you have let remain undone for a little too long. What are you waiting for anyway? Stop procrastinating and take care of whatever needs to be handled so you can move forward with peace.

Sagittarius: Page of Cups Reversed

It doesn’t have to be so serious, Sagittarius. You are overthinking this moment and turning this situation into a far bigger deal than is necessary. Some things do not need to be such a “thing.” Let go of all the nitty-gritty details, lighten up, and try to find the humor in this instead. 

Capricorn: Eight of Cups

Take some space, Capricorn. It’s impossible to make a sound decision when you are in the eye of the storm and too attached to the myriad possibilities of outcomes. The best move for you to make this week is to step away to gain some much-needed clarity. 

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Aquarius: Four of Wands

Increase your network, Aquarius. Inspirations of big plans are percolating in your mind right now, but you will only get so far on your own! If you want to make these dreams tangible, you need to seek out the people who can match your enthusiasm and support your vision.

Pisces: Three of Pentacles

Ask for help, Pisces. Just because you can do it all, it doesn’t mean that you should! If you are feeling overwhelmed at work, it’s time to take a look at the commitments you have taken on and reassess what actually requires your attention so you can delegate the rest.