Your Weekly Tarot Reading for March 3–9, 2024: The Season of Sensitivity.

March 2, 2024

Pisces season could be synonymous with the season of sensitivity, and our intuitively pulled Tarot cards provide supportive reminders to help us ride the waves of emotions for our highest benefit. If everything is feeling intense or uncertain in your outside world, it’s a wonderful opportunity to tend to your inner landscape. Let’s commit to creating healthier habits that allow us to focus on our own well-being and self-care to rejuvenate and restore our energy. 

Remember that you are in charge of your time and your destiny. So even if it feels like you need to be everywhere all at once or do as much as possible as fast as possible, you actually don’t! What’s the rush anyway? You have plenty of time to see, do, and experience everything, so slow down and savor the moments. It’s still winter, a time of dormancy and reflection, and the warmth of spring will be here soon, teaming with possibilities for new growth and potential—but it’s not here quite yet. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it’s here, and take the opportunity to rest a little longer while it’s here.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic insight and advice for your week ahead!

Aries: The Fool Reversed

Be a little more cautious, Aries. It’s wonderful to get caught up in the moment and charge ahead with something new with wild abandon, but this is not one of those times for that sort of attitude! Take your time and do some investigating before indulging in your every impulsive whim this week.

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Taurus: The Hanged Man Reversed

It’s worth the sacrifice, Taurus. A life-changing opportunity is on the horizon for you, but it could slip away if you don’t fully commit yourself to this endeavor and make some major changes to your lifestyle. It’s an optimal time to consider what you are willing to give up to gain what you desire.

Gemini: Ace of Pentacles

Establish healthier habits, Gemini. It might feel like everyone else deserves your attention more than you, but this week provides a helpfully supportive reminder that it’s time for that attitude to change. Focus more on how you can create a better schedule that promotes your self care and well being.

Cancer: Page of Pentacles

Learn something new, Cancer. The best way to satisfy your craving for a new perspective (and to alleviate those mundane feelings of boredom!) would be to indulge your curiosity and submerge yourself in the study of something you find fascinating. This would be a lovely time to learn a foreign language, try a new workout, or finally sign up for an art class just for fun.

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Leo: Page of Wands Reversed

Slow down, Leo. What’s the rush? If you feel the need to move too quickly, you will gloss over important signs and miss some valuable information here. You have the luxury of time on your side, so use it! Take a moment to breathe, recenter, and be present as you begin to move into this new opportunity.

Virgo: Eight of Cups Reversed

It isn’t over, Virgo. That nagging lack of closure you have been feeling is telling you something very valuable: This is not the end. It looks like there is something worth fighting for here so give it your best effort before walking away. This could work; it just needs more time.

Libra: Nine of Swords

Face your fears, Libra. You aren’t actually solving anything by repressing how you feel or pretending like something isn’t happening. Acknowledge your worries by talking things out with someone you love so it doesn’t feel as heavy or overwhelming because you don’t need to go through it all alone.

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Scorpio: Eight of Swords

Ease up on the negative self-talk, Scorpio. Have you noticed how harsh you have been towards yourself lately? It’s not doing you any favors to hold yourself to such high expectations and to be so unkind. Go easy on yourself and accept that whatever you’re doing right now is ultimately your best.

Sagittarius: Three of Wands Reversed

Focus on restoration, Sagittarius. You have been running yourself ragged lately by taking on more than you can handle, so expect that to catch up with you this week. It’s time to say no and understand your limits! Prioritize your own rest and care this week so you can rejuvenate.

Capricorn: Seven of Swords Reversed

Don’t ignore the warnings, Capricorn. Red flags are appearing in abundance this week. So instead of running towards them, let’s take a beat and reassess the situation. Your instincts are kicking in to let you know that is a no-go. Do yourself a favor and listen to the signs.

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Aquarius: The Magician Reversed

No more excuses, Aquarius. If you want to make your dreams come true, you must fully commit to the tasks at hand. Your goals need to take priority right now, so anything distracting should be eradicated. Let’s stop wasting time by procrastinating and just get to it already!

Pisces: Page of Cups Reversed

Take a step back, Pisces. You may want something very badly, but when you’re too in it, you can lose your perspective. Try to be more objective this week. When you’re too emotionally attached to an outcome, it’s challenging to see the intended results with clarity. You know what they say, “A watched pot never boils!”