Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 1–7, 2022: Facing the Music

May 1, 2022

Whatever situation you are currently facing, this week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards carry the supportive reminder that you’ve got this! You have whatever it takes to stop procrastinating and do what finally must be done in order to move forward. Face the music, own your mistakes, and make necessary compromises to find peace within and with those around you. Everything will be just fine; you just have to make the first move!

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes with further guidance for your week ahead.

Aries: Five of Swords

Seek a compromise, Aries. As conflict arises this week, ask yourself if it’s truly worth it to win at all costs, or would you rather just find a sense of peace in order to move on? Most likely, this situation is not actually worth the entirety of your energy, so let it go and find the middle ground instead.

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Taurus: Two of Swords Reversed

Don’t let a fantastic opportunity pass you by, Taurus. A difficult choice has you overwhelmed with indecision this week as you weigh your options. Don’t get stuck in your head or paralyzed by fear of what could go wrong because you don’t want to miss out on the potential magic being offered to you now.

Gemini: Queen of Wands Reversed

Give yourself a little pep talk, Gemini. It’s time to address those nagging feelings of insecurity that are holding you back from taking the next steps forward. You need a MAJOR confidence boost this week! Start every day with a little mirror work and remind yourself of all of your glorious, positive attributes before you begin each day. This trick does wonders!

Cancer: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Stop procrastinating, Cancer. A worthwhile work opportunity continues to present itself to you, so why haven’t you taken it yet? Stop making excuses and just go for it already! You know a lot more than you think, and you possess the skills to take on this endeavor. 

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Leo: Four of Cups

Cherish the little things, Leo. Sometimes we take for granted all of the beautiful moments in front of us because we are more focused on what we don’t have or everything that has been going wrong. Flip your perspective and turn your week around by counting your blessings and showing appreciation for all of your recent successes.

Virgo: The Star Reversed

Focus on self-care, Virgo. You have pushed yourself a little too far past your limit and now your energy is totally depleted. You need a major vitality boost and vibrational reset, so take some time off and book yourself a spa day! Some nourishing pampering will have you back to feeling like yourself in no time.

Libra: Six of Swords Reversed

Face the music, Libra. Just because you avoid something uncomfortable, it does not mean that it will magically go away on its own. In order to move on, you must resolve the issues that remain open and undealt. You will feel so much better once you finally put this behind you.

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Scorpio: King of Wands Reversed

Double check before you hit send, Scorpio. If you aren’t paying attention, you could make some easily avoided mistakes this week. Look over your work before you submit it, and DEFINITELY look twice to check the recipient before you send a gossipy text! That is not something you want going to the wrong person. 

Sagittarius: The Emperor Reversed

Stay focused, Sagittarius. As hard as you may try to stay on task and manage your responsibilities, distractions abound this week. You might as well trash your to-do list, manage your expectations accordingly, and do what you can to somewhat remain on schedule. You will catch up on everything next week.

Capricorn: Justice

Be accountable, Capricorn. Past mistakes are coming to light this week, and the best way to handle this tricky situation is to just own it. Everyone slips up, but what is more important is how these errors are managed. Know when to apologize if necessary.

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Aquarius: Page of Swords Reversed

Seek out a new perspective, Aquarius. You haven’t forgotten to check in on friends because you don’t care about them, it’s just that you have been consumed by your own drama lately. This week calls for you to step out of your current point of view and see how your actions are affecting other people so you can make amends.

Pisces: Six of Pentacles Reversed

Be aware of imbalances in your personal relationships, Pisces. Have you been overextending yourself to the point of feeling resentful lately? Generosity of your time and energy should be given without expectations. But if you are feeling depleted with no signs of appreciation, it’s time to have a conversation with your significant other before these feelings worsen.