Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 15–21, 2022: Hold On and Enjoy the Ride!

May 15, 2022

May is providing a wild ride through the cosmos. Here we are halfway through the month already and greeted by the full moon lunar eclipse in the mysterious, transformative sign of Scorpio on the sixteenth.  Emotions have the potential to surge as truths are revealed, and what was once hidden is now bubbling up to the surface.

The energy is intense, but this week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards offer guidance as to how to keep a level head, remain calm, and ride the wave of clarity in order to feel like your best self. 

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes with further guidance to navigate the current energy.

Aries: Strength Reversed

Don’t lose faith in yourself over recent disappointments, Aries. You’ve been knocked down, but it’s time to get right back up again. Take a new approach and try something a little different that allows you to really lean into strengths. Don’t let this mishap cause you to lose sight of who you are and what you want. 

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Taurus: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Stop procrastinating, Taurus. You have pushed your deadlines to the limit, and now it’s time to wrangle your thoughts, get organized, and focus on what needs to get done!  You will feel so much better if you limit your distractions and put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ to power through until you complete your tasks. 

Gemini: King of Swords

Don’t get involved in others’ drama, Gemini. Everyone wants you to hear their side of the story, but in all honesty, does this situation even concern you? If you must be a part of this, act with fairness and remain impartial so that everyone can feel heard and just move on.

Cancer: The Hierophant Reversed

Trust your own wisdom, Cancer. Before you proceed with taking advice from others, stop and consider the source. Your friends have your best interests in mind, but they are feeling extra protective of you and honestly lack the experience to offer the guidance you are seeking. Tap into your own intuition as you figure out what to do.

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Leo: Six of Pentacles Reversed

Give what you can mindfully, Leo. Everyone wants something from you right now. While it’s lovely to be generous, you are setting yourself up for major disappointment if you expect anything in return, especially when it comes to “loans.” Don’t expect to see that money again anytime soon.

Virgo: Page of Cups Reversed

Share your story, Virgo. Don’t hold yourself back from expressing yourself this week because your experiences (both good and bad!) are ready to be shared! Others could really benefit from your wisdom, so take the opportunities to share more of your intimate life as they come up.

Libra: Ten of Pentacles

Pay it forward, Libra. You have gained an immense amount of wisdom through your recent successes. It’s time to share the wealth of knowledge you have accrued via your hard work. Who could benefit from your mentorship and advice? Seek those people out and increase the good vibes all around.

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Scorpio: Queen of Swords Reversed

Move through the confusion, Scorpio. It’s proving to be challenging to make a move when your judgment is clouded by the whims of your heart. This moment is calling for a more logical approach! Focus on the facts and keep your heart out of this situation in order to find the best resolution.

Sagittarius: Ten of Cups Reversed

Create a better work-life balance, Sagittarius. Professional responsibilities have been getting all of your attention lately leaving you with little free time for fun and relaxation with those you care about most. There is more to life than work! Prioritize spending quality time with your family and loved ones this week in order to feel more grounded.

Capricorn: Eight of Swords Reversed

Silence your inner critic, Capricorn. Have you noticed how harshly you have been speaking to yourself lately? You might think it’s motivating you to make improvements, but focusing solely on your faults is doing far more harm than good. Let’s cut that negativity out this week once and for all.

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Aquarius: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Let the little things go, Aquarius. You cannot move forward in your current situation without the help of others, but the constant arguing is impeding your progress this week. Honestly, is any of this nonsense really important to you? Stop picking fights and focus more on making compromises in order to make the bigger picture come together.

Pisces: The Devil Reversed

Stop limiting yourself, Pisces. Who said everything should be this way when it could be that way? There are so many ways that this could unfold, and the only one holding you back right now is you. Don’t be afraid to redefine yourself during this period of personal growth.