Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 28, 2023: Clear the Air.

May 28, 2023

Another week begins as we wrap up May and welcome the start of June. In the northern hemisphere, temperatures are rising, and our days are beginning to fill with daydreams of the ease of the imminent summer season. Our full moon on the third is in the sign of adventurous Sagittarius and affectionately known as the Strawberry Moon, as it rises when the berries ripen and reach their full potential.

It’s a lovely time to set intentions that take you out of your comfort zone and open you up to wild new opportunities for fun, excitement, and exploration. Whatever you focus on now will set the stage for your summer, so be conscious and deliberate!

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards highlight a heart-opening opportunity to get vulnerable and communicate honestly with the ones in our inner circle. Whether you need to clear the air, restate your boundaries, or take action, don’t mince your words or hold back how you truly feel. Remember that when you speak from your heart, you cannot go wrong.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance into your week ahead.

Aries: Ace of Cups

Keep your heart open, Aries. This week brings painful memories from the past to the surface with opportunities to welcome all of your emotions, even the painful ones. This is how you move through it. Don’t let past hurt keep you closed off from the potential of getting closer to someone new.

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Taurus: Ace of Swords

Clear the air, Taurus. This is not the time to hold back your true feelings, especially when it feels like there’s an unspoken weight dragging down one of your closest relationships. Be the bigger person and initiate a conversation to clarify any miscommunications before they grow into something far larger.

Gemini: Queen of Swords Reversed

Honor your boundaries, Gemini. You don’t need to accept every invite or say “yes” to everyone, especially if the opportunity feels draining or unaligned. Don’t go against your intuition here! You will save yourself a world of trouble if you just decline right away before getting in too deep.

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Cancer: Two of Wands

Take action, Cancer. Exciting stuff happens when you leave your comfort zone, and this week provides a lovely opportunity to set your wildest intentions into motion and put your big plans into action. Take a leap into the unknown, even if it feels scary to do so right now.

Leo: Temperance Reversed

Reel it in, Leo. Have you noticed any aspects of your life that are feeling a bit unruly or unmanageable lately? Maybe you have procrastinated on a now long overdue deadline, or your home is a complete mess. Whatever it is, use this week to get it together and under control.

Virgo: Four of Wands Reversed

Count your blessings, Virgo. It’s easy to lose sight of your achievements when you push yourself as hard as you do or have such high expectations for yourself, but life really doesn’t have to feel this harsh. Make a conscious effort this week to appreciate all the good things you have going for you.

Libra: Judgment

Consider the whole story, Libra. Before jumping to conclusions, be sure to get all sides of this sticky situation you have found yourself pulled into. You cannot remain neutral in the middle, but you need more information in order to make a sound judgment call. Take your time as you sus it out.

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Scorpio: Three of Swords

Let it go, Scorpio. Every chapter must come to its logical conclusion, and even though it might be difficult to say goodbye, you know that this is something you must do for your heart. The pain may be excruciating, but this is for the best, and it will get even better with some time.

Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles

Manage your time wisely, Sagittarius. You’re finding yourself in a good flow right now. However, in order to maintain your balance, you must be extra careful with where you place your focus. Multitasking requires a delicate steadiness, so if you try to manage too many tasks at once, nothing will actually get done!

Capricorn: Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Get it done, Capricorn. There’s a lot to get done this week, and the tasks will only continue to pile up into an unbearable mountain of obligations until you attack that to-do list head-on. Do yourself a favor by just buckling down and staying focused until it’s all done. There will be more time for fun next week.

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Aquarius: Nine of Swords

Relax, Aquarius! Everything isn’t quite as bad right now as you’re making it out to be in your mind. Stop creating more stress and anxiety for yourself by ruminating on the possible nightmare scenarios that could occur, and instead, bring your attention to everything that has been going well lately.

Pisces: The Magician

Be intentional, Pisces. When you put your mind to something, you always get it done, but wrangling your focus has been somewhat of a challenge lately. Stop wasting your own time! Be more deliberate with your energy, eliminate distractions, and get back to your routine so your big dreams can come back into focus.