Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 7–13, 2023: Slow Down and Reflect

May 7, 2023

We are making our way through the final stages of Mercury retrograde before our planet of communication goes direct next week, so it’s crucial to still be mindful of confusion via potential misunderstandings and mishaps. Take your time! This is a wonderful time to slow down and create space for self-reflection.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind you to listen to your heart. Sometimes situations just aren’t logical, or it takes a little more time for all the facts to be revealed. If you honor your emotions and pay attention to your intuition, you can make the moves that feel right.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic insight to support you in the week ahead!

Aries: Queen of Cups

Sensitivity is a strength, Aries. Our emotions can be our greatest teachers, so pay close attention to how you feel this week when everything is heightened, even if it’s uncomfortable. When you trust your heart to tell you what’s going on, you’ll be able to understand more than if you just stick with the surface-level facts.

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Taurus: The High Priestess

Self-reflection is key, Taurus. This week requires some much-needed stillness to sort through all of the options and opportunities coming your way. Instead of relying on the opinions of others, focus more on what feels right to you. That instinct is all you need to lead the way towards what’s next.

Gemini: The Empress Reversed

Put yourself first, Gemini. When was the last time you showed yourself some love? Instead of focusing on whatever everyone else needs, now is the time to prioritize your self-care. This might ruffle some feathers when you aren’t as available, but it’s for your well-being.

Cancer: Six of Cups

Do what feels familiar, Cancer. Every endeavor doesn’t have to be a wild step beyond your comfort zone, and some plans can be just as effective when run at a slow, more soothing pace with people you gel with easily. Keep it simple, and stick with what you know right now.

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Leo: Ace of Pentacles

The answer is yes, Leo. We all know when it’s time to branch out and begin again, which seems to be where you are right now. Don’t delay the inevitable any longer! When a new opportunity presents itself, take it seriously and carefully consider the potential. This could be precisely what you’ve been waiting for.

Virgo: The Moon Reversed

Trust your intuition, Virgo. Facts are valuable, but they don’t outweigh emotions, especially when it comes to making important decisions right now. Based on your instincts, you already know everything you need to move forward confidently with your choices. If it feels right to you, then you cannot go wrong.

Libra: Knight of Pentacles

Take your time, Libra. Where is this sense of urgency coming from right now? Resist the temptation to fold to the pressure of others’ timelines, especially when it comes to expectations that simply cannot be met if we aren’t being realistic. Slow and steady is a far better pace for you.

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Scorpio: Two of Pentacles

Explore your options, Scorpio. Before rushing into something with an enthusiastic “yes,” take a moment to figure out if this is something you want to commit to or feel obligated to do it. Do you really need something else on your plate right now? You already know the answer.

Sagittarius: King of Cups

Just roll with it, Sagittarius. You can expect the unexpected this week, but don’t let a small bump in the road deter you from getting to where you need to go! You might need to take a different route, but the destination remains the same. Whatever it is, you’ve got this.

Capricorn: Knight of Cups Reversed

Speak from your heart, Capricorn. Avoiding how you feel will not make those emotions go away, and you will be constantly reminded of this notion until you finally have that uncomfortable conversation. What are you afraid of? It’s far worse in your mind, so stop sweeping it all under the rug and confront it head-on.

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Aquarius: The Hanged Man

Wait a minute, Aquarius. Before jumping to conclusions or adding your commentary into the mix, it would be best to back up and take a beat so you can see this situation more clearly. Honestly, does this situation require your involvement? With some reflection, you will know if you should just drop it and move on.

Pisces: Ten of Cups

Trust in the good feelings, Pisces. When you listen to your heart, the path to peace and fulfillment is easier to find. Yes, it really can be that simple! The sense of contentment you’re feeling now doesn’t have to be fleeting, especially when you make it your mission to be surrounded by good people.