Your Weekly Tarot Reading for November 20–26, 2022: Sag Season Shenanigans

November 20, 2022

As we conclude Scorpio season and the sun enters Sagittarius, the energy shifts to invite a more adventurous and spontaneous spirit! This transition is reflected in this week’s intuitively drawn Tarot cards as we are inclined to take more chances.

Don’t overthink it or play it safe now because when the moon is new on the twenty-third, this is an opportunity to expand your horizons by indulging in the potential possibilities associated with betting on yourself and taking a risk! Take an optimistic approach and go all in because you’ll never know what could happen unless you try.

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes to guide you into Sagittarius season with ease!

Aries: Queen of Cups Reversed

Take care of yourself, Aries. Lately, the needs of others have been at the forefront of your mind, leaving little time to focus on what you need. It’s wonderful to be supportive of those you care about, but make sure you have time to rest and refill your own energetic cup as well.

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Taurus: Two of Wands Reversed

Don’t play it safe, Taurus. An exciting opportunity has been presented to you, so don’t psych yourself out or be afraid to take it on! This next endeavor requires careful planning, but not so much that you get bogged down by the details. Stop overanalyzing and just follow your intuition.

Gemini: Page of Wands

Take a risk, Gemini. Professional challenges await you, and it would be wise to take this on and go for it. A creative challenge is just what you need to get your inner spark relit! However, try not to rush the progress, or you could get in over your head and be overwhelmed rather quickly. 

Cancer: The Sun

Look on the bright side, Cancer. Have you noticed how many situations have turned around in your favor lately? It’s hard to stay motivated if you only see the negative. Focus more on what’s going well rather than what hasn’t come to fruition to improve your mood.

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Leo: Page of Cups Reversed

What have you got to lose, Leo? A new creative idea is beginning to percolate but still needs more time to emerge fully. This could be something really good, but it won’t go anywhere if you shoot it down before it can take shape. Don’t be so critical, and see where the inspiration takes you!

Virgo: Justice Reversed

Ease up on yourself, Virgo. No one is immune to mistakes. Even with all of the planning and attention to detail, sometimes the particulars slip through the cracks. There’s no need to beat yourself up over this, especially since it isn’t that big of a deal. Own it, and then move on.

Libra: The Magician

What are you waiting for, Libra? You can see the signs everywhere beckoning you to step into your full potential via a major level-up moment, but we can be our own worst enemies when we hold ourselves back. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Make a major move by accepting a challenge this week.

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Scorpio: Seven of Cups

Dig a little deeper, Scorpio. Many professional opportunities are being presented to you now, but is everything all it promises to be? More money with less work sounds wonderful, but it’s almost too good to be true. Do your research to see beyond the shiny exterior so you don’t wind up with an abundance of snake oil.

Sagittarius: Eight of Swords

Lift the restrictions, Sagittarius. It’s challenging to feel inspired when you impose so many limits on yourself! Is there really only one way to accomplish your goal and get things done? What if it could be this way as well as that way? Stop holding yourself back and try a novel approach.

Capricorn: The Empress

Creativity is key, Capricorn. If you have been feeling uninspired lately, this week provides an aligned time to reignite your inner spark. Open yourself up to new possibilities by seeing your usual world in a new light by learning something new via a class or changing up your routine by exploring the corners of your neighborhood.

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Aquarius: Ace of Cups Reversed

Prioritize your own well-being, Aquarius. When we overcommit and take on too much, our own self-care is what usually suffers. In order to balance out your responsibilities, you must take care of yourself, especially this week when you are in overdrive! Be sure to take breaks for meals, make a little extra time for yourself, and get enough sleep.

Pisces: Seven of Wands Reversed

You can handle this, Pisces. There is so much to get done this week, as your to-do list feels endless and downright overwhelming. It looks like you might have overcommitted yourself and underestimated your time. Before you have a meltdown, eliminate the excess nonsense and have faith in yourself that everything will get done.