Your Weekly Tarot Reading for November 5–11, 2023: Destroying Old Patterns.

November 4, 2023

November rolls on, and you might find yourself beginning to jump ahead to thoughts of the end of the year. As tempting as that may be, I encourage you to remain in the present moment. Yes, the year will wrap up in less than two months, but that also means that we have nearly two more months to go, and anything can happen in that time! Dreams can come true, good news can arrive, and circumstances can change. It’s a wonderful time to express your gratitude and to be hopeful about what is yet to come.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards encourage us to remain optimistic and embrace a positive perspective. Honor your progress and notice what is going well rather than what hasn’t come to fruition just yet. Be mindful of the people, places, and situations that drag you down or backward. Let’s not slip into our old patterns or past mistakes! Stop the comparison game and the attempts to fit into someone else’s timeline of accomplishments. Instead, focus on your own path and what you are doing. Everything is happening just as it should in divine time.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic guidance into the week ahead.

Aries: The Star

Replenish your energy, Aries. This week provides a lovely time to take it easy, catch up on your rest, and dedicate a little more time to your healing journey. Your time doesn’t have to be about everyone else right now: it’s good to make it all about you sometimes! 

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Taurus: Five of Pentacles

Be mindful of your past mistakes, Taurus. You could revert back to your old ways and slip back into your old patterns due to this week’s circumstances, but you already know where this road goes. Is it really necessary to explore it once again? Save yourself the hassle, and just try to do this differently.

Gemini: King of Wands Reversed

Erase the self-doubt, Gemini. Enough with the comparison game and looking at others’ achievements on social media. Their path isn’t yours, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Don’t let someone else’s timetable knock your sense of confidence, and just stay focused on your own journey.

Cancer: Two of Cups Reversed

Do you have to be right, Cancer? Getting your point across effectively is an art, especially when it comes to dissenting opinions with your loved ones. Not everything has to be an argument that never ends, so let’s keep it harmonious by knowing when to let go of your desire for the last word.

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Leo: Knight of Cups

Good news is on the way, Leo! The messages you have been waiting for are imminently arriving. In the meantime, the cosmic signs will be abundant until you receive that confirmation. Be on the lookout for your angel numbers, coins in unexpected places, or whatever signs you recognize as a green light to encourage you forward.

Virgo: Eight of Swords Reversed

Lighten up, Virgo. You’re getting stuck in your head again and overthinking what people are saying to you. This could just be a miscommunication on their part, but try to remember that not every criticism is a personal attack! Don’t jump to conclusions or assume the worst because it’s really not as bad as you think.

Libra: Two of Pentacles

Seek balance, Libra. Has your professional life been demanding all of your time lately, leaving you with no space to socialize? Or maybe you have been going out a lot and having so much fun that your personal obligations have slipped through the cracks? Whatever it is, it’s time to get your life back on track this week.

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Scorpio: Six of Pentacles

How can you help, Scorpio? If you find yourself feeling down or in a bit of a funk right now, the best way to pull yourself out of it is to help someone else. This could mean checking in on someone you care about or becoming involved in a cause you feel passionately about. 

Sagittarius: The Sun

Embrace a positive perspective, Sagittarius. Disappointing circumstances have knocked you down a bit lately, but the tides are shifting, and everything is about to change. Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities popping up in unexpected places! As everything comes together, try not to focus on all that went wrong and instead make time to celebrate your progress.

Capricorn: Queen of Swords

Express yourself, Capricorn. This week has the potential to provide openings for some challenging conversations, but it doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you’re direct. This is your opportunity to speak up and be totally honest about what is working as well as what isn’t so all parties can move forward better informed.

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Aquarius: Seven of Cups Reversed

It’s time to be practical, Aquarius. You have been planning and planning, but nothing is really happening until you get out of your head and start taking some much-needed action. Let’s make those dreams a reality by taking a first step forward this week. Even if it’s a baby step, it will be productive.

Pisces: Two of Swords Reversed

It’s not this or that, Pisces. This week presents a tricky moment of an impasse as you await more information. Try not to think of this as stagnation but more like a respite to gather your thoughts before you proceed. Don’t give up because the signs of progress you desire are imminent.