Your Weekly Tarot Reading for November 6–12, 2022: Eclipse Exhaustion

November 6, 2022

This week begins with a major moment, as Tuesday’s full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus brings an intense vibe to heighten our emotions. If you feel extra sensitive or more exhausted than usual, it’s not just you! The eclipse brings supercharged energy into the mix to enact radical change and crucial transformations. If something has been lingering for quite some time, this is your moment to really rock your world, mix things up, and finally let it go! 

Our intuitively pulled Tarot cards back up this collective energy with the reminder that we all need a little extra compassion right now to ride out the energetic storm. Yes — emotions are high, but so are our intuitions. Tap into your heart space and let that inner voice guide you. It’s not the best time to make major decisions, but it’s always an aligned time to take better care of yourself and honor your own needs. Be kind to yourself!

Read on for this week’s Taroptscopes with supportive guidance for your week ahead.

Aries: Queen of Cups

Tune into your heart, Aries. This is a highly intuitive and deeply emotional time, so it’s important to pay attention to how you feel in certain situations as you make your decisions this week. Being compassionate and understanding what lies beneath the surface will lessen opportunities for conflict and serve you well when dealing with others.

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Taurus: Four of Wands

It’s time to celebrate, Taurus! Whether it’s a personal achievement or a major milestone, make a moment out of everything you are proud of accomplishing! Honoring your progress now will give you that spark of inspiration to keep the momentum going. Be sure to include your loved ones in the party so they can cheer you on as well.

Gemini: Knight of Cups Reversed

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, Gemini. Your stress level is high this week, leaving you feeling a little more sensitive than usual and prone to giving into jealous tendencies when you begin to play the comparison game. Try not to be reactionary or make any major decisions based on your mood.

Cancer: Queen of Swords Reversed

Say what you mean, Cancer. Circumstances require you to open up and be a bit more vulnerable in personal matters. This is your opportunity to speak up and clarify how you feel, so be straight up and resist the temptation to hide behind passive-aggressive sarcasm or vague manipulation tactics.

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Leo: The Star Reversed

Don’t lose hope, Leo. We don’t always get exactly what we want when we want it, and this week brings a wave of disappointment as an opportunity slips through your fingers. Yes, this is frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world because this story isn’t over! Usually, something doesn’t work out because there is something far better waiting in the wings! Give it time.

Virgo: Ace of Swords Reversed

Keep it to yourself, Virgo. Good news is meant to be shared, but the timing isn’t quite right, as a few more details need to be confirmed. Everything is finally coming together! Enjoy this personal win a little longer. Rest assured that you can make that special announcement soon.

Libra: Nine of Swords Reversed

Let go of your fears, Libra. You have been facing a difficult time, but you should expect to make some headway this week as your worries begin to subside and the light at the end of the tunnel begins to emerge. The only way out is through, but it would help if you stopped fixating on the worst-case scenario and focused more on healing.

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Scorpio: The Moon Reversed

It’s ok not to know, Scorpio. There is some confusion swirling around upcoming opportunities leaving you unsure as to which move to make next. Instead of letting this cause anxiety, get more information and let it play out. Your intuition will fill in the remaining blanks for you.

Sagittarius: The Empress Reversed

Prioritize self-care, Sagittarius. You have been so focused on taking care of everyone else around you that you have completely forgotten about your own needs! That’s about to catch up to you if you don’t refill your energetic cup this week. Slow down and show yourself the compassion you regularly exhibit to others.

Capricorn: Temperance

Re-evaluate your priorities, Capricorn, and focus on seeking balance in your life this week. All work and no play is wearing you out and killing your spirit. So if you have been consumed by work lately, this is your opportunity to step back and have some fun. Life is for living!

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Aquarius: Queen of Wands Reversed

Need more alone time, Aquarius? There is nothing wrong with feeling more introverted than usual this week so honor your needs for a little extra self-care at home by declining the invites and saying no to the incessant social obligations from well-meaning friends. Your time is far better spent focusing on self-reflection, journaling, and meditating in order to reconnect with yourself.

Pisces: Page of Wands Reversed

Feeling distracted, Pisces? A lack of focus has you spinning your wheels this week and getting nowhere fast as you begin tasks and abandon them in favor of something else. Everything feels boring, and nothing is holding your attention! Find your motivation by committing to endeavors you actually feel passionately about rather than wasting time on the mundane.