Your Weekly Tarot Reading for November 8-14, 2021: Making Important Decisions

November 10, 2021

The second week of November pushed us to make decisions. Your weekly Tarot reading for November 8 is here to guide you during the intensity of the days ahead!

Which way are you headed? Are you feeling stuck because you are overthinking everything or are you just afraid of the unknown? This week’s cards hold the reminder to let go and follow your heart. Stop talking yourself out of your own potential—and instead, focus on embracing your personal power! A greater risk leads to a greater reward.

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Aries: Ace of Cups Reversed

Express yourself, Aries! Holding in your emotions and not letting others know how you feel is becoming overwhelming. Are you worried that once you open the floodgates, a never-ending wave will burst forth? That’s ok! Try journaling to help you organize your thoughts as you prepare yourself for the bigger conversations ahead.

Taurus: King of Wands

Embrace your leadership qualities, Taurus. You have a clear vision in mind, and now it is time to channel all of your creative energy into bringing this plan to fruition! It’s time to completely immerse yourself into this endeavor and bring in the team that can help you make it all happen.

Gemini: Ten of Swords

It’s always darkest before the dawn, Gemini, and lately, life has been walloping you with disappointments! Don’t let your current circumstances keep you down. You have made it through this tough time, and everything is starting to look up as the sun peeks through the proverbial clouds. Embrace an optimistic perspective and keep on pressing forward.

Cancer: Six of Cups Reversed

Stop living in the past, Cancer! Old memories attached to unfinished business are clouding your usually clear vision of the future. It’s time to let that go. If you spend too much time looking backwards, you will miss out on the beautiful opportunities in front of you in the present moment.

Leo: King of Cups

Remain even-keeled, Leo. You can expect the unexpected this week, but even an unforeseen bombshell or a plot twist from out of the blue will not be able to shake your sense of steady balance. Approach each obstacle with a calm, cool, and collected mindset so you can navigate the rocky waters with aplomb. Remember to just breathe!

Virgo: The World

Your Tarot reading for November 8 wants you to celebrate your accomplishments, Virgo! Think about a goal you have achieved or an intention that has come to fruition recently. How did you mark that moment? Instead of just pressing forward with your next endeavor, take time this week to honor a chapter you just closed.

Libra: Six of Swords Reversed

You’re stuck, Libra! Cycles are recurring, and you are finding yourself falling into old patterns yet again. You know how this always ends! This is your opportunity to make changes and create a new path with new results. Pull yourself out of the rut this week, and you will be surprisingly pleased by the outcome.

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Scorpio: King of Swords Reversed

Scorpio, your Tarot reading for November 8 says to not let the feelings of your heart cloud your vision. You have an important decision to make this week, which requires clear, logical thinking. Weigh your options carefully and objectively. Take your emotions out of the matter before proceeding.

Sagittarius: Two of Cups Reversed

Tend to your personal relationships, Sagittarius. Have you been feeling disconnected from your loved ones lately? It is understandable since other aspects of your life have required more attention. Now that everything is settling down, invest your energy back into those you love and make more time for them. 

Capricorn: Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Capricorn, your Tarot reading for November 8 says you to not think beyond the short term. Decisions you are making this week will have long-lasting effects, so be extra mindful before committing. Does this path feel stable? Are you making moves to ensure success for the larger vision of your future? If the answer is feeling uncertain, then stop right there.

Aquarius: The Fool Reversed

What is holding you back, Aquarius? Why are you afraid to move forward with your plans? Whether it is the fear of the unknown or you just do not feel ready quite yet, this is your opportunity to go deeper and explore before taking a big chance on your future.

Pisces: Page of Wands Reversed

Don’t give in to your fears, Pisces! Obstacles have been getting in your way and there have been some unexpected detours on your path this week, but the only one holding you back right now is YOU. Keep moving forward! Don’t let your anxieties get in the way of achieving your big dreams.

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