Your Weekly Tarot Reading for October 16–22, 2022: Follow Your Intuition!

October 16, 2022

The month of October is always a highly magical time of year. The veil between worlds is thinnest, and cosmic signs are abundant — if you are willing to pay attention and notice the hints around you. This week’s Tarot cards reflect a heightened intuitive sense guiding you in the right direction. Don’t doubt yourself or the transmissions presented to you from the universe. You cannot go wrong when you follow your intuition and cosmic guidance.

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes to guide you with what to pay attention to in the week ahead.

Aries: The Fool

Don’t overthink it, Aries. A surprise opportunity has come up for you this week, and the timing is right for you to just go for it! Don’t second guess yourself or your abilities, as this moment could pass you by just as quickly as it appeared. 

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Taurus: Queen of Cups

Take care of yourself, Taurus. A lot of people are relying on you for extra support and sound advice right now. It’s wonderful to be generous with your time and energy, but be sure to create space to tend to your own emotional needs so you don’t exhaust yourself or burn out.

Gemini: Seven of Swords

Listen to your gut, Gemini. If something feels off to you because you suspect that someone is deceiving you, then you are probably correct. Instead of talking yourself out of these feelings, dig deeper and prod this person for more information so you can make a better judgment call.

Cancer: Wheel of Fortune

Your luck is changing, Cancer. After a string of frustrating circumstances, notice how everything is beginning to click into place this week. Make the most of this auspicious momentum by saying yes to every opportunity that feels aligned with the next steps toward your dreams. Timing is everything!

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Leo: Page of Cups Reversed

Is this appropriate, Leo? This week’s energy has you feeling extra sensitive but before opening up and spilling your emotions everywhere this week, ask yourself if this is the correct climate for a major share of your feelings. If you are unsure, save it for your close friends and family rather than turning a work meeting into an impromptu therapy session.

Virgo: Ace of Swords

Get caught up in the moment, Virgo! After a brief period of stagnation, the creative floodgates open wide with a rush of new ideas, new inspiration, and new opportunities for you this week. Why choose one when you can have them all?! Ride the wave of clarity to see where it takes you.

Libra: Nine of Cups Reversed

Be careful what you wish for, Libra. Sometimes what we think we want is far more enjoyable in our minds than when it comes to fruition in our realities. It’s ok to not actually like something once you have it, but you won’t actually know how you feel until you try it. Don’t be afraid to let go.

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Scorpio: King of Pentacles Reversed

Embrace flexibility, Scorpio. Everything might not go according to your grand plans this week, but you must roll with the punches and switch gears in order to stay on track. Take a different approach and try something different. Being rigid and unable to compromise will just create more headaches for you.

Sagittarius: Knight of Swords Reversed

Be patient, Sagittarius. Exciting news is on the way, and the results you are hoping for are imminent. The good word just has not arrived yet! This is a long time coming. While I’m sure the wait is excruciating, try to hold on a little while longer before making an impulsive — and possibly destructive — decision in order to distract yourself.

Capricorn: Nine of Swords Reversed

Don’t doubt yourself, Capricorn. You have been pushing yourself incredibly hard to land a new professional opportunity, but the path to perfection is treacherous! You are your own worst critic, and it is becoming detrimental and demotivating to speak to yourself as harshly as you do. Lighten up on the criticism and believe in your abilities.

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Aquarius: Four of Swords Reversed

Feeling restless, Aquarius? This week it is imperative that you create more space for yourself and indulge in some much-needed alone time to rest. It’s hard to know where to channel your energy when you feel stuck, but a significant recharge will help that stress melt away and give you the clarity you seek.

Pisces: Death Reversed

Close the door, Pisces. Change is challenging, and endings are never easy. However, this current situation has gone on a little longer than necessary so let’s do something about it already! It’s far better to cut the ties than to let it continue and grow resentful.