Your Weekly Tarot Reading for October 22–28, 2023: Scorpio Season Slides In.

October 21, 2023

This week, we welcome mystery via the arrival of Scorpio season, a time to get deep, go inward, and turn up the heat to create major transformations. This is a lovely opportunity to indulge in more alone time and deepen your connection to yourself. What are you dreaming of? What do you desire? Allow these answers to come to you easily and naturally as you journey down a path of self-discovery with this turn of the zodiac wheel.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards reflect themes of intensity verging on overwhelm with helpful reminders to slow down, get organized, and focus on your priorities. Our week ends with a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, highlighting what we are truly ready to let go of and release from our lives. If you no longer need it, why hold onto it? Use this lunation to create some much-needed space for beautiful new opportunities!

Read on for your Tarotscopes with guidance into the week ahead.

Aries: The Fool

Trust the process, Aries. An exciting opportunity is unfolding for you, and this is your moment to make the most of it by embracing it fully. It’s okay not to know exactly where this will take you just yet. It could be quite enjoyable to be surprised by what’s to come.

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Taurus: The Star Reversed

Take it slow, Taurus. You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate right now, but try not to let that overwhelm you. It might feel like everything needs your attention all at once, but you must give yourself some space to clarify your priorities. Just breathe and approach your current situation with a “one step at a time” mentality.

Gemini: Knight of Wands Reversed

Don’t be impulsive, Gemini. This week’s energy has you wanting to make some major moves, but you don’t need to do so with such urgency! If you “act first and think later,” you will only create more problems for yourself. Slow down and create a plan before you put anything into motion.

Cancer: Ten of Cups

Show your appreciation, Cancer. Your personal relationships are so important to you. Let this week be all about the people you love, especially the ones who are having a tough time and could use a little extra attention. A surprise gift or token of gratitude will go a long way to making someone feel special.

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Leo: Two of Pentacles

Stay organized, Leo. The responsibilities and obligations of this week are calling upon your abilities to multitask! You can do it all, but you must be meticulous not to let something crucial slip through the cracks. Make a detailed list of everything that must be done and check it continuously until the madness passes.

Virgo: The Sun

Focus on the positive, Virgo. Have you noticed how good everything is right now? This feeling is meant to last, so try not to let the doubts or perceived inadequacies creep in to dull this moment. Enjoy what you have created and express your gratitude for the gifts you currently possess.

Libra: Two of Swords

What do you want to do, Libra? You need to make a decision this week, but only YOU know what to do at the moment that will satisfy your desires. Take your time and create some space to carefully consider the possibilities so you can make your choice with confidence.

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Scorpio: Six of Swords Reversed

Face the situation, Scorpio. Maybe you have been procrastinating or hoping this would resolve without your involvement, but you can’t put this off any longer. It’s time to deal with what’s happening here because ignoring it isn’t working, and it certainly won’t make it all go away. Just deal with it already so you can move on.

Sagittarius: Eight of Wands

Good news is here, Sagittarius! The moment you have been waiting for to give you the go-ahead has arrived, and everything is about to start moving forward with ease as well as speed. You have your ducks in a row, so get excited for what’s to come and lean into this moment fully.

Capricorn: Death

Let it go, Capricorn. You know when something is complete, and this week shows you that it’s time to embrace the ending of a certain situation. Why keep something going longer than necessary? Be done with it so you can create space for something new that aligns with where you are now.

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Aquarius: Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Take a break, Aquarius. The expectations you are holding yourself to when it comes to work are just not possible to meet at the moment. Slow down this week and take some time off to reset, recover, and recuperate. Then, you can return to your tasks feeling refreshed.

Pisces: Four of Swords Reversed

Feeling overwhelmed, Pisces? It might be hard to sit still this week when you have so much on your mind and many obligations that demand your attention. Alleviate your anxiety by understanding that everything will get done, but it will feel more manageable when you remember to take breaks and get sufficient rest.