Your Weekly Tarot Reading for October 23–29, 2022: Out With the Old!

October 23, 2022

Eclipse season is here! Are you ready for it? Don’t get too worried. There’s nothing to fear here. We just need to know how to work with this uncertain climate effectively. Eclipses can be somewhat unpredictable as the energy can be a bit chaotic and destabilizing, but they also bring an abundance of new opportunities, radical change, and major transformation.

Tuesday’s new moon in Scorpio is a partial solar eclipse highlighting a desire to be more introspective and indulge in more alone time. This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards remind us to listen to our hearts and give ourselves what we need in order to feel comfortable and at our best. This way, we will be able to take full advantage of all of the new opportunities the universe presents.

Aries: Nine of Swords Reversed

Share how you feel, Aries. If you find yourself weighed down with stress more than usual this week, don’t hold yourself back from reaching out to your loved ones and let them know what’s been going on with you. Sometimes, all you need to do to relieve your anxieties is to talk about it.

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Taurus: Queen of Cups

Trust your heart, Taurus. This is a highly creative time for you, with an abundance of opportunities to channel your emotional sense into projects around your home and your professional work. Harness this energy effectively by making moves based on what feels right and following your instincts.

Gemini: Three of Cups Reversed

Relish your alone time, Gemini. If you find yourself needing more peace and quiet through time by yourself, don’t hesitate to decline those social invites that continue to come your way and create that space for yourself. A little break will be rejuvenating and will allow you to refresh your tired mind.

Cancer: Ace of Wands

Don’t play it safe, Cancer. A fantastic opportunity is knocking. Don’t hesitate to go for it! By committing to this moment, you are opening yourself up to a world of possibilities and potential, so it would be best for you to put in the hard work now.

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Leo: Four of Wands

Commemorate an occasion, Leo! When was the last time you celebrated your successes and took notice of your recent achievements? (If you don’t know immediately, it’s been far too long!) Whether it is something small or grand, choose something you are proud of accomplishing and fete this moment accordingly.

Virgo: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Say no, Virgo. You might want to do everything with everyone and accept every invitation this week, but we all reach our energetic capacity at some point, even you! Know when to decline an opportunity before you exhaust yourself or, even worse, miss an engagement in your calendar due to a double booking!

Libra: The Lovers Reversed

Consider your choices carefully, Libra. The commitments you make now will have long-lasting effects, so don’t make your commitments impulsively. Only dedicate yourself to situations you actually want to put your energy towards for quite some time and try to resist the temptation of immediate gratification.   

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Scorpio: King of Swords Reversed

What do you want to do next, Scorpio? Give yourself sufficient time and space to make significant decisions this week. Even though it might be helpful to seek advice from others, resist the temptation to get too many outside opinions, as it will just confuse you more when you already know what’s best.

Sagittarius: Six of Swords Reversed

Leave the past in the past, Sagittarius. Old memories have been resurfacing lately and putting you in a nostalgic mood. It’s lovely to reminisce, but don’t let the passing of time inhibit your clarity. Some situations are best left behind you rather than attempting to revive something that is long gone. 

Capricorn: Knight of Cups Reversed

Say what you mean, Capricorn. Don’t succumb to your passive-aggressive tendencies in order to hide your real emotions here. Cut to the chase, speak from your heart, and let people know more directly how you actually feel. Being clear from the get-go this week will save you a world of trouble that could be easily avoided.

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Aquarius: Eight of Cups 

Let it go, Aquarius. If something just isn’t working, there is no need to force it into a situation it isn’t. It’s ok to walk away or close a door in order to create space for circumstances and opportunities that feel more aligned with your values and desires.

Pisces: Nine of Pentacles

Take time to enjoy yourself, Pisces. Such much-needed downtime is in your future so embrace this moment fully to reset, recharge, and rejuvenate. Time off should be enjoyed guilt-free, so stop thinking about all of the supposed other tasks you could be focusing on and indulge completely.