Your Weekly Tarot Reading for September 18–24, 2022: Autumn Meditations

September 18, 2022

The seasons are changing, and this week brings the shift of summer into fall in the Northern Hemisphere. On the equinox, day and night are in a perfect balance of equal length, making this an energetically aligned time to create space for reflection and gratitude.

Use this week to celebrate all you have accomplished in the past three months and decide what goals are worth continuing to nurture and which should be let go of as you plan for the next season. This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards ask us to finish what we started before forging ahead into the great unknown. It’s also a wonderful time to invest in yourself and your skills to enhance your dreams of the future.

Read on for this week’s Tarptscopes for cosmic guidance into the next season.

Aries: Six of Pentacles

Be open to receiving, Aries. There is no doubt that you are generous with your time and giving to your inner circle, but if you need assistance right now, don’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s one thing to be so available to help others, but it’s a whole other situation to be open to receiving it.

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Taurus: The World Reversed

Finish what you started, Taurus. You are SO close to completing a major project and succeeding at a long-awaited goal, but you need to put in a little more effort to complete this endeavor. Don’t get distracted from your path now! Do what you need to do to tie everything up.

Gemini: Eight of Pentacles

Dedicate yourself to your craft, Gemini. Now is the time to commit yourself fully to your work and passions. If there is a skill you need to learn to take your practice to the next level, go out and find the class or mentor who can help you gain that missing knowledge. 

Cancer: Six of Swords

Start over, Cancer. Some situations just cannot be saved, and this week brings a lesson in letting go and moving on. To ease into this transition, prioritize your own self-care and focus on creating a new routine that reflects your current energy level and needs. Be sure to include activities that make you happy and bring you joy.

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Leo: Seven of Cups Reversed

Don’t second guess yourself, Leo. You know exactly what you need to do now, so why put it off any longer? Procrastinating leads to more anxiety and makes this moment a much bigger deal than necessary. Make your decision confidently, and don’t look back.

Virgo: Page of Pentacles

Invest in yourself, Virgo. In order to take your dreams to the next level, it’s time to up your skill set and focus on your professional development. If you have been considering taking a class or learning something new, now is the time to take this more seriously and actually sign up. 

Libra: Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Forge ahead into the unknown, Libra! It’s totally understandable to feel resistant to change, especially when you don’t feel fully ready for this shift or know what exactly to expect on the other side. Think of this moment as an adventure rather than an obstacle to overcome so you can fully lean into this next chapter. 

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Scorpio: Eight of Cups Reversed

Don’t be scared, Scorpio! All of the signs are letting you know that it is time to walk away and let something go that is no longer serving you. When it’s done, let it be done! Change is hard, but it’s often necessary. So try not to be afraid of what may lie ahead. 

Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles

Do you really need to spend that much, Sagittarius? Before you go on a shopping spree or book that extravagant getaway, carefully consider how much you want to actually indulge right now. Don’t put yourself in a precarious financial situation simply because you are craving adventure and feeling bored this week. 

Capricorn: The Devil Reversed

Limit your vices, Capricorn. If you know it’s bad for you, then why are you engaging with it? Think beyond the pleasure of the current moment this week because falling back into an old pattern of negative choices will leave you with your regret. Save yourself the pain and trouble by just saying no.

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Aquarius: The Magician

Everything’s coming together, Aquarius. This is your moment to make something major happen as opportunities arise, calling upon the skills you have developed over the past couple of years. Put your knowledge and experience to good use now, and your ambition will be rewarded with rousing success.

Pisces: The High Priestess

What are your dreams telling you, Pisces? Pay attention to the astral messages coming through during your slumber this week, as this is where your subconscious is working out anything that feels unresolved or needs to be acknowledged. If you don’t keep a dream journal, now is the time to start!