Your Weekly Tarot Reading for September 25 to October 1, 2022: A Cosmic Reset

September 25, 2022

We begin our week with a cosmic reset via Sunday’s new moon in balancing, harmonious Libra. If anything feels a bit off-center or out of alignment, use this lunar energy to set intentions around starting anew with restored order. Indulge in self-reflection by noticing what aspects of your life would benefit from a fresh perspective, innovative creativity, or a tightening of your limits and boundaries. Sometimes a seemingly small shift can create a world of difference in your happiness and wellbeing. It’s never too late to create change or to begin again. 

Read on for your Tarotscopes featuring cosmic guidance dictated by our intuitively pulled Tarot cards for the week ahead.

Aries: The Star Reversed

Feeling uninspired, Aries? Look for ways to reignite your creative spark this week by trying new things that take you out of your comfort zone. Indulge in a novel experience every day this week because even changing up your usual routine can profoundly impact your innovative spirit!

Taurus: Nine of Swords Reversed

Shift your mindset, Taurus. If you stay focused on how everything could possibly fail, then you miss out on all of the moments where situations are actually working out in your favor. Try to be more hopeful about your own potential instead.

Gemini: King of Wands

Make a bold move, Gemini. If everything has been a little too hectic lately, then it is time to take control of your current situation. Enough is enough! You must do something, and that time is now. Don’t be afraid of failing, as that is where we learn our most powerful lessons.

Cancer: Four of Swords Reversed

Take some time off, Cancer. You cannot possibly keep up with the schedule you have been keeping with long hours of too many tasks and appointments. You have been so busy that it almost feels boring and impossible to find clarity! To gain a fresh perspective, you MUST slow down and take a rest.

Leo: Two of Pentacles

Weigh your options, Leo. Be mindful of your energy this week, as a lot of people are demanding your attention and in need of your time. You can only do so much before getting overwhelmed, so only say yes to what feels absolutely necessary.

Virgo: The Empress

Embrace a compassionate approach, Virgo. Check in on your loved ones this week, especially those who have been a bit distant lately. It’s nothing personal towards you, there’s just been a lot on their minds, so offering a little extra kindness will be greatly appreciated.

Libra: Queen of Wands

Believe in your abilities, Libra! You have an opportunity to take on a more leadership role right now, which means more responsibilities and more visibility. Don’t let that intimidate you from taking this on, as it will lead to more chances to flex your skills and grow.

Scorpio: Ace of Cups

Be inspired, Scorpio. A visionary mindset will serve you well as you navigate issues in your personal and professional life right now. Whether it is beginning your day with time to free write in a journal or creating space in your daily routine for brainstorming, be sure to nurture your creativity.

Sagittarius: Four of Pentacles

Is it worth the gamble, Sagittarius? An opportunity is coming up for you this week that requires you to take a chance on both the situation and yourself. There’s no reward without some risk, but be sure to consider the options carefully before placing your bets.

Capricorn: Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Enjoy the moment, Capricorn. Something doesn’t need to be long-term for it to be enjoyable. So be in the now and take this situation at face value. Let it be exactly what it is. Just because it’s fleeting doesn’t mean it won’t be impactful.

Aquarius: Ace of Wands

Get ready to explore, Aquarius! A flicker of something new is on the horizon to spark your interest, and this is your sign to get caught up in the momentum of the excitement! Head into this endeavor with full force, and let this moment consume you. Don’t hold yourself back from getting to know the potential.

Pisces: The World Reversed

It’s not a lost cause, Pisces. Just because you haven’t received word yet on an opportunity you are hoping to get, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. Unexpected delays pop up all of the time, and this feels like it’s no reflection on your or your abilities. Give it some more time.